Single mom needs car repaired

Two cases were received at Lex-Care this week.

Keith Long, a case manager at Foothills Community Action, is advising a single mother of two who needs $600 to repair her car.

She and her children live in subsidized housing. She is employed full-time and uses her car to get to work and her children to activities and doctor's appointments. Recently when she went to go to work she found her car had been broken into, vandalized and the seats set on fire. Since then, she has been riding the bus across town to her job. She got an estimate for the repairs to the car, but does not have sufficient savings to meet the cost.

■ A request for $386.60 to reconnect gas service was submitted by Penny Jordan, who works at REACH, Inc.

Her client is a married man who lost his full-time job. He applied for and is receiving unemployment compensation. The reduction in income and the increased cost of living caused their gas to be cut off.

The man is seeking employment but opportunities are limited as his primary language is French, although his English is adequate. He immigrated to the United States several years ago and is a U.S. citizen. He turned 65 in April and will be eligible for Social Security benefits in October. However, he hopes to find employment and continue to work for a few more years.