For the Record

Records are gathered from the county clerk and district court offices and from the Fayette County health department and area hospitals. Contact Risa Richardson at (859) 231-3201 or if you have questions about these listings.



Dominga Roblero Vazquez and Otoniel Mejia Ramos.

Cherry Brooke Nalley and Jonathan Clay Kincheloe.

Jennifer Leigh Weber and Jon David Stephenson.

Amy Elizabeth Chism and John Mark Dennis.

Peggy Lou Smith and Arthur Lee Spickard.

Jennifer Ann Shaver and Benjamin Anthony Brzinski.

Whitney Nichole Skaggs and Charles Austin Farley III.

Tammy Lisa Hughes and Jose Alfredo Aguilar.

Shannon Leigh Vance and Bart Alan Blackburn.

Amanda Lynn Tyree and Bruce Wayne Goodwin.

Kerri Marie Trutt and Jesse Graham Peters.

Paula Kay Brown and Rodney Mark Young.

Renee Kay Chappell and Michael Shawn Montgomery.

Jennylee Brooke Fothergill and Todd Russell Price.

Catherine Pacaide Douglas and Marco Antonio Milian Gomez.

Tosha Michelle Ayala and Francisco Palemon Cortes.

Amy Sue Ogden and James Anthony Benvenuti.

Andrea Dawn Morrow and Joel Robert Young.

Romonda Joe Caywood and Charles Cottrell III.

Sheila Chandran and Brian Steven Murphy.

Kristie Denise Summers and Shaun Reed Moffett.

Ariea Marbutha Hager and Ronald Dean Curtis Jr.

Sara Beth Morton and Aaron James Spencer.

Megan Elizabeth Shumate and Paul Matthew Clayton.

Andrea Martha Maurer and Andrew Joseph Fast.

Yahana Melissa Alvarez Garcia and Lazaro Flores Neri.

Oralia Rios and Abdul Sada Kadhim Al Ghanemi.

Jhonda Jean Napier and Oscar Gonzalez Perez.

Christina Amalia Pappas and Christopher Michael Gunn.

Mary Carmela Berardi and John Sidney Hawkins II.

Ingrid Rafaelle Cavalcante and Mark Anthony Ehinger.

Nadzeya Anashka and Vijay Kumar Das.

Lilia Perez and Abel Juarez Morales.

Shannita Marie Johnson and James Oliver Johnson.

Katherine Lucy Sims and Timothy Craig Obeck.

Aneta Dobierzewska and Hector Eduardo Duran Espinosa.


Betsy Lee Noland and Larry David Noland.

Brian Mason Fallis and Roslyn Marie Fallis.

Michael D. Carson and Tiya L. Carson.

Catherine Watkins and Glenn Watkins.

Fransisco Jose Sanchez and Heidi Louise Sanchez.

Jennifer Leigh Fields and Brian Maurice Fields.

Lindsay Gail Ballard and Robert Blanding Ballard III.

Gladys E. Peoples and Stewart T. Peoples.

Craig Allen Greenholt and Pamela Sue Greenholt.

Rachael Y. Sizemore and James R. Sizemore.

Richard Leland King and Pamela K. Lawson King.

Gina Singleton and Trevor Singleton.

Brent Lane Harris and Jamie Lou Harris.

Christina Rita Consalvi and Anthony Albert Consalvi.

Sharon Jaynes and Howard Jaynes.

Karen M. Mata and Pablo A. Mata.

Erin Coffey Blevins and Leslie Paul Blevins II.

Ismael Santos and Joyce Ann Martin.

Dean Delton Householder and Julia Trumball Householder.

Amy Payne Tauchert and Charles Wilbur Tauchert Sr.

Xilitle Perez and Michael Dale Thomas.

Laura Kathleen Eastland-Sisler and John David Sisler Jr.

Sharon Duncan and Douglas Duncan.

Wesley David Marlowe and April Nicole Marlowe.

Earlen Conley and Vickie Lynn Conley.

Kellie Delle Stearman and Jason Neal Wright.

Lisa Ann Swafford and Walter Craig Swafford

Momadou Cadi Cisse and Patricia Lynn Cisse.

Jason Michael Pridemore and Rebecca Jeanette Pridemore.

Larissa J. Howard and Wendell Leroy Howard II.



Julia Kay Crain and Joseph Anthony Edelen Jr.

Robin Nicole Walling and Ryan Travis Montgomery.

Elizabeth Alexandra Brook and Timothy Ryan Valenta.

Stephanie Gail Cole and Chadwick Roberts Graves.

Saundra Renee Calhoun and Andrew Carlyle Blystone.

Karen Raelene Lucas and Robert Lee Rhineheimer.

Codie Suella Chancey and Bobby Joe Deering Jr.

Leah Tatum Marcum and Eric Vincent Hopkins Jr.

Stephenie Tucker Stamper and Harrison Avery Spencer Jr.


Pamela Carol Burger and William Harold Burger.

Holly Michelle Parmley and Jeffery Thomas Parmley.

Anthony Patrick Pinkston and Melinda Cheryl Pinkston.

Howard Lee Curtis II and Gaylena Marie Curtis.

Doris Thurman and Paris Bradford.

Jennifer Gerhart and Darrin C. Gerhart.

Alice Faye Wells and Carl L. Wells.

Rebecca A. Brooks and Joshua L. Brooks.

William Sanford and Janet K. Sanford.



Regina C. East and Michall T. Hayden.

Tiffany F. Price and Aaron G. Mosley Jr.

Ashleigh S. Holbrook and John R. Blackburn.

Jenna M. Lyons and Jordan A. Lewis.

Daven R. Teany and Joshua M. Mills.

Jamie D. Alexander and Justin J. Hisel.

Rebecca L. Martin and Donald F. Thomas Jr.

Tonia M. Grant and David W. West.

Alix E. Heintzman and Daniel J. Wright.

Jessie J. Lunsford and Robert J. Alcorn.

Lisa G. Bowling and David E. Wilburn.

Brandi M. Rose and Jason D. Clayton.

Anna Darlene Johnson and Bobby W. Carpenter.

Mary E. Wilds and Derek N. Brandenburg.

Danielle R. Grant and Donald S. Mitchell.

Abigail L. Dull and Alex Mark Poe.

Heather M. Stephenson and Paul A. Long II.

Tabitha F. Jones and Tony L. Madden.

Amanda I. Wakeham and Michael J. Rader.


Loretta Michelle Helton and Franklin Gene Helton Jr.

Laura Renee Butler and Kevin Dale Butler.

Stephanie Ann Skidmore and John D. Skidmore.

Thomas J. Hinkle and Jowanna Hinkle.

Karen Spears and Joey Spears II.

Dorothy Pace and Gabriel Pace.

Marion Corn II and Tammy Lynn Way Corn.

Robert Creech and Elizabeth Creech.

Albert John Dotson and Leah Lynn Dotson.


Fayette County

Central Baptist Hospital

Aug. 1: Brannock, William and Annity, Paris, boy.

Chen, Tommy and Kelli, Lexington, boy.

Edwards, Clinton and Jacinda, Monticello, girl.

Feggin, Tony and Tywan Guest, Danville, boy.

Hall, Dederic and Tameka Vick, Lexington, boy.

Pigram, Amanda, Mount Washington, boy.

Terry, Neil and Yolanda, Booneville, boy.

Walker, Dale and Shannyn, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 2: Adkins, Joshua and Melissa, Georgetown, boy.

Holland, Darin and Kelly, Lexington, boy.

Wash, Jessica, Frankfort, girl.

Aug. 3: Hernandez, Ileana, Lexington, girl.

Ranboy, Jeffrey and Jennifer, Lexington, boy.

Teater, Jeremy and Ruth, Nicholasville, boy.

Wells, Charles and Roanna, Winchester, girl.

Aug. 4: Akers, Charles and Donna, Lexington, girl.

Dean, William and Angela, Nicholasville, girl.

Fletcher, Charles and Samantha Dobson, Hazard, girl.

Kidd, Donnie and Kimberly, Richmond, boy.

McKinney, Charles and Kristina Caudill, Lancaster, boy.

Thomas, Logan and Zhanna, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 5: Coates, Damon and Michelle, Lexington, boy.

Dryden, Kristen and Martha, Lexington, girl.

Harris, Kimberly, Lexington, girl.

Harris, Lisa, Lexington, girl.

Hellard, Robin, Nicholasville, boy.

Hill, George and Lena Ferguson, Nicholasville, girl.

Stoss, Richard and Tomoko, Lexington, boy.

Thoroughman, Darwin and Tonya, Morehead, boy.

Aug. 6: Brown, Timothy and Laura, Lexington, boy.

Caudill, Joshua and Wynotta Puckett, Lexington, boy.

Howell, Michael and Amanda Proctor, Lexington, boy.

Keaton, Nathan and Andrea, West Liberty, girl.

Neff, Leslie and Laura, Versailles, girl.

Trapp, David II and Carrie, Lexington, boy.

Whitlock, Jessica, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 7: Crowe, William and Jennifer, Versailles, girl.

Fister, Joseph and Jennifer, Harrodsburg, boy.

Hopper, Isaac and Sarah, Wilmore, boy.

Keith, Theodore and Cheryl, Morehead, girl.

Kimmell, Christopher and Kelly, Nicholasville, girl.

Marrs, Brock and Ravin, Lexington, boy.

Mucciolo, John and Brenda, Lexington, girl.

Taylor, Robert and Melissa, Lexington, girl.

Ulery, Bobby and Morgan, Salt Lick, boy.

Ward, Haley, Salt Lick, girl.

Aug. 8: Begin, Gregory and Sarah, Lawrenceburg, boy.

Bertram, Rick and Cheryl, Frankfort, girl.

DeLong, Michael and Missy, Lexington, boy.

Drotovick, Daniel and Jennifer, Lexington, boy.

Helton, Matt and Jaclyn, Dewitt, boy.

Ruble, Justin and Lisa, Somerset, girl.

Sanford, Devin and Evonne Carter, Lexington, girl.

Slaughter, Derek and Natasha Wright, Lexington, boy.

Smith, Mike and Jennifer, Lexington, girl.

Stevens, Nathaniel and Kelly, Lexington, boy.

Storey, Jason and Nicole, Lexington, boy.

Webster, James and Rebecca, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 9: Fortin, Laura, Lexington, girl.

Higgins, Anthony and Stephanie, Lexington, boy.

Steele, Phillip and Sarah, Harrodsburg, boy.

Whitaker, Matthew and Clarissa, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 10: Davis, Mikael and Jessica, Lexington, boy.

Hagen, Joseph and Natasha, Nicholasville, boy.

Keeth, Brian and Jeana, Georgetown, boy.

Shaw, Ivan and Amber, Nicholasville, boy.

Stacy, Brittany, Georgetown, girl.

Aug. 11: Adams, Bryan and Melissa, Lexington, boy.

Bailey, Russell and Lisa, Nicholasville, boy.

Bray, Ricky and April, Nicholasville, girl.

Buckler, Jeffrey and Jodie Uhlig, Nicholasville, boy.

Crouch, Byron and Crystal, Lawrenceburg, girl.

Dreusicke, David and Gina, Winchester, girl.

Howard, Jeremy and Vylinda, Prestonsburg, girl.

Hunter, Joshua and Jade, Georgetown, boy.

Jackson, Christopher and Mary, Lexington, girl.

Johnson, Jason and Heidi Beaven, Lexington, boy.

Jones, DaShannica, Lexington, girl.

Kargbo, Wolobah and Stacy, Lexington, girl.

Winchell, Josh and Robin Williams, girl.

Aug. 12: Barnes, Corrie, Campton, boy.

Chaffins, Christopher and Ashley, Georgetown, girl.

Johnson, Jordan and Sara, Lexington, boy.

Osborne, Chevon, Georgetown, boy.

Thompson, Jonathan and Karrie, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 13: Baker, Thomas and Alexis Yates, Lexington, boy.

Campbell, David and Heather, Lexington, boy.

Cupp, David and Rachel, London, boy.

Hood, Jeffrey and Jennifer, Lexington, boy.

Leonard, Brittany, Lexington, boy.

Lippold, James and Sara, Nicholasville, boy.

Masino, Daniel and Katherine, Georgetown, girl.

Mitchell, Maxwell and Brittany, Hazard, girl.

Tufono, Robert and Jessica Smith, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 14: Beck, Gregory and Melissa, Richmond, boy.

Braunm, James and Erin, Versailles, boy.

Bryant, DeRon, and Cynthia, Stanford, boy.

Dunn, Nakia, Lexington, girl.

Goldey, Martin and Elizabeth, Versailles, boy.

Laker, Matthew and Tania, Stanton, girl.

Raza, Kashif and Rukaya Rizvi, Lexington, boy.

Rose, Nicholas and Christina, Stanton, girl.

Shoults, Jason and Amanda, Lancaster, girl.

Vaughn, Jonathan and Leslie, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 15: Burns, John and Sally, Mount Olivet, girl.

Byrns, Aaron and Stephanie, Lawrenceburg, boy.

Chaney, Kelli, Lexington, boy.

Gentry, George and Deanna, Lexington, girl.

Kushner, Robert and Kelly, Lexington, boy.

Meadows, Dustin and Melanie, Stanton, girl.

McDonner, David and Evie, Lexington, boy.

Moody, Chad and Haylee, Nicholasville, girl.

Morgan, John and Amy, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 16: Caudill, Justin and Melinda, Lexington, girl.

Johnson, Damon and Janette, Lancaster, boy.

King, Gary and Angela Comley, Nicholasville, boy.

Muugillo, Mark and Carrie, Lexington, girl.

Tussey, Gary and Brandy, Isonville, girl.

Williams, James and Tarcy, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 17: Gorley, Christopher and Virginia, Lawrenceburg, boy.

Settles, Tiffany, Lexington, girl.

Wright, Jeremy and Jacqueline, Nicholasville, girl.

St. Joseph East Hospital

Aug. 18: Leonard, Devin and Jacqueline Coward, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 19: Thalacker, David and Rebecca, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 20: Harlow, Rickey and Kayla, Prestonsburg, girl.

Martin, Kasey, Lexington, girl.

Segar, Lori, Nicholasville, boy.

Smith, Rex and Janna, Lexington, boy.

Woody, Brendon and Lisa, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 21: Chatting, Tim and Holly, Lexington, boy.

Gay, Brandon and Mary Jones, Sizerock, girl.

Ratliff, Charlie and April, Morehead, girl.

Settle, Stan and Emily, Mount Sterling, girl.

Smallwood, Randy and Larissa, Frenchburg, girl.

Stagner, Bradley and Lakrysta, Lexington, boy.

Tuska, Adam and Michelle, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 22: Harris, Kevin and Lindsey Pratt, Lexington, boy.

Meledjiev, Philip and Raluca, Georgetown, boy.

Aug. 23: Newkirk, Mike and Cheyanne, Lexington, boy.

Parrott, Mark and Stephanie, Lexington, girl.

Wright, Andrew and Regina, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 24: Greene, Phillip and Sachiko, Lexington, boy.

Phillips, Shawn and Lindsay Wells, Nicholasville, girl.

Rose, Jason and Tiffany, Georgetown, boy and girl.

Aug. 25: Bailey, Don and Renee, Winchester, girl.

Cross, Anthony and Christina Lyons, Lexington, girl.

Hall, Houston and Dolores, Lexington, girl.

Hatfield, Shane and Rhea, Lexington, boy.

Potter, Billy Joe and Tara Vance, Lexington, girl.

Smith, Josh and Ana Bravo, Lexington, girl.

Soul, Olivia, Lexington, girl.

Vice, Chris and Rebecca, Sharpsburg, boy.

Aug. 26: Abner, Harold and Carolyn, Lexington, boy.

Gilmore, Heather, Paris, girl.

Aug. 27: Gravil, Aaron and Jessica, Lexington, boy.

Williams, Christopher and Michelle, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 28: Charles, Brian and Jennifer, Lexington, boy.

Everidge, Dirk and Andrea, Lexington, boy.

Lawniczak, Justin and Cierra, Georgetown, girl.

Mitchell, Prenell and Katrice, Lexington, girl.

Mullins, David and Amanda Adams, Lexington, boy.

Patrick, Ben and Kristen, Mount Sterling, girl.

Spoonamore, Chris and Kristi, Mount Sterling, girl.

Aug. 29: Justus, Stewart and Dina, Lexington, girl.

Walker, Roy and Shakela Warren, Nicholasville, boy.

Whipple, Jeremy and Shannon Cornett, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 30: Banks, Jennifer, Paris, girl.

Storm, Donevon and Maria, East Bernstadt, boy.

Aug. 31: Pelphrey, Peydon and Michelle, Lexington, girl.

Madison County

Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center, Richmond

Aug. 19: Raines, Vernon and Shannon, Beattyville, girl.

Aug. 20: Shear, Steven and Miki Lynch, Richmond, boy.

Aug. 21: Bocska, Tibor and Ashley Gatliff, Sand Gap, girl.

Masterson, John and Chasaty Harris, Irvine, boy.

Aug. 22: Isaacs, James and Aricka, Berea, boy.

Aug. 23: Barron, Mark and Sandy, Richmond, boy.

Eaton, Gerald and Beverly, Berea, girl.

Johnson, Richard and Stacy, Irvine, boy.

Zopez, Pedro and Anabel Zarate, Richmond, boy.

Aug. 25: Cooper, David and Paula, Berea, boy.

Aug. 26: Barton, Eric and Becky, Mount Vernon, girl.

King, Johnny and Brooke, Berea, girl.

White, Joshua and Bridget Frye, Irvine, girl.

Campus, Don and Whitney Young, McKee, boy.

Aug. 27: Deckert, Kenny and Mary Hurst, Richmond, boy.

Gillette, Chris and Libby Pittman, Richmond, boy.

Mullins, Nathaniel and Christy, Berea, girl.

Aug. 28: Estes, Kenneth and Debra Rose, Irvine, boy.

Gootee, Michael and Marie, Berea, girl.

Taylor, Travis and Lauren Arnold, Eubank, girl.

Aug. 30: Harris, John and Ada, Richmond, boy.

Napier, Jennifer, Berea, girl.

Riley, Lee and Lona. Irvine, girl.

Aug. 31: Goodwin, Patrick and Tiffany, Richmond, boy.e_SClBRestaurant Inspections

This list now contains only restaurants with critical violations.

Joe's Beef Restaurant, 1485-1 Alexandria Dr., 70. All employees must obtain food handlers certificate; cutting board in poor repair; chicken stored on floor; raw meat stored above pico de gallo; toxic cleaning bottle not labeled.

Follow-up: 89.

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken #472, 3014 Richmond Rd., 83. Chicken in walk-in cooler stored uncovered; employee preparing food without hair net; soda nozzle unclean; fryer hood filters unclean; roaches observed in kitchen prep areas.

Subway #100, 175 E. Main St., 80. No certified food manager on duty; employee food and drink stored with customers' food; employee hand sink not accessible; no towels in women's restroom; spray bottles not labeled properly.

Waffle House #654, 2203 N. Broadway, 76. Potentially hazardous food not kept at proper temperature; eggs stored above stove at room temperature; employee drinks and medicine stored in cooler with customers' food; no hand soap at hand sink in back kitchen.

China King, 1497 Alexandria Dr., 83. Potentially hazardous food being thawed improperly; raw meat stored over ready-to eat foods in cooler; employees doing food prep not wearing hair nets; using grocery bags to store food in. Follow-up: 96. Raw meat still stored over ready-to-eat foods in cooler.

Cielito Lindo, 473 E. Main St., 83. Thawing meat at room temperature; employee came inside from break and did not wash hands; no food manager/food handler card; back door open, not protected from rodents and insects.

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken, 3014 Richmond Rd., 85. Gaskets throughout kitchen in poor repair; unclean knives stored on knife rack; roaches observed in kitchen; floor and walls in kitchen unclean.

Follow-up: 89. Gaskets in kitchen still in poor repair; knives on knife rack stored wet, not air-dried.

Loudon Square Buffet, 801 N. Broadway, 89. Food stored uncovered in coolers; ice machine not clean; knives not properly stored at prep table; flies and fruit flies in food prep and storage area.

Miyako, 2547 Richmond Rd., 91. Fish above 45 degrees; food stored on floor in walk-in cooler.

Follow-up: 96; all corrected.

Rally's #25, 410 Georgetown Rd., 88. Storage racks in walk-in cooler rusting; freezer door in poor repair; floor in walk-in cooler and in food prep area in poor repair.

Waffle House #654, 2203 N. Broadway, 85. Reach-in cooler not maintaining proper temperature; eggs stored above stove at room temperature.

Follow-up: 98. Eggs are still stored above the stove.