For the Record

Records are gathered from the county clerk and district court offices and from the Fayette County health department and area hospitals. Contact Risa Richardson at (859) 231-3201 or if you have questions about these listings.



Jerry Collins vs. Edward E. Dove, attorney at law, for an undetermined amount, for alleged neglect and malpractice.

Unifund CCR Partners, assignee of Palisades Collection LLC, vs. Kelly Townsend for $6,950, etc., claimed due on an account.

Airmaster Fan Co. vs. Charles Deppen for $4,082, etc., claimed due on an account.

Phoenix Credit LLC vs. John B. Fulcher for $6,815, etc., claimed due on an account.

Kleen Products LLC vs. Charles Deppen for $6,146, etc., claimed due on an account.

NCO Portfolio Management Inc. vs. Carrie L. Willhite and Denzil Willhite for $7,388, etc., claimed due on an account.

Asset Acceptance LLC vs. David W. Conley for $17,353, etc., claimed due on an agreement.

Discover Bank vs. Tina L. Goodpaster for $4,114, etc., claimed due on an account.

Commisioner, Workplace Standards, Commonwealth of Kentucky, vs. Floor Décor Co. Inc. for $6,700, etc., for alleged unpaid wages.

Shelter Distribution Inc. vs. Steve Lockaby, dba Amazing Roofing, for $8,026, etc., claimed due for alleged breach of contract.

HSBC Bank USA vs. Michael Jacobson et al., for $57,811, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance Co. vs. Robinson Builders LLC for $13,413, etc., claimed due on an account.

Calvary Portfolio Services vs. Donna Lawson for $9,107, etc., claimed due on an account.

Calvary Portfolio Services vs. Steven and Kirsten Conner for $4,418, claimed due on an account.

Somerhill Capital vs. Ellen Perkins for $8,821, etc., claimed due on an account.

Arrow Financial Services LLC vs. Carolyn Sizemore for $4,848, etc., claimed due on an account.

Arrow Financial Services LLC vs. David A. Watkins for $4031, etc., claimed due on an account.

Household Recovery Services vs. Ronald A. Deel for $18,076, etc., claimed due on an account.

PHH Mortgage Corp. vs. Morallia Tran, et al., for $136,986, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Credit Acceptance Corp. vs. Dustin L. Clark for $5,490, etc., claimed due on an account.

First Resolution Investment Corp. vs. Aritta Becksted, $4,136, etc., claimed due on an account

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas vs. Steven K. Hampson for et al., $247,119, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Discover Bank vs. Lena L. Campbell for $6,362, etc., claimed due on an account

CitiBank (South Dakota) vs. Jaime Derossett for $14,552, etc., claimed due on an account.

Michael Walter vs. Leah S. Hopkins for an undetermined amount, claimed due for alleged injuries.

Bonnie and Jerry Phelps vs. Ronald E. Miller et al. for an undetermined amount, claimed due for alleged injuries.

Jewish Hospital vs. Ebony L. Williams for $9,534, etc., claimed due on an account.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Dwayne Frederick for $8,649.86, etc., claimed due on an account

Melody Lane, executrix of the estate of Lessie Washington-Sims, vs. Homestead Nursing Center LLC, et al., for an undetermined amount, claimed due for alleged wrongful death.

Clark Regional Medical Center vs. David A. Taulbee for $5,224, etc., claimed due on an account.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas vs. Michael Dundon, et al., for $140,573, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Frank N. King III vs. Rupp & Associates for an undetermined amount, claimed due for alleged breach of contract.

Asset Acceptance LLC vs. Tommy D. Ross for $3,093.41, claimed due on an account.

Wells Fargo Financial Kentucky vs. the following, claimed due on account:

■ Sami Awad Rafidi, et al., for $20,511, etc.

■ Henry Patterson for $9,246, etc.

■ Jo K. Matha et al., for $69,735, etc.

■ Diana J. Davin et al., for $80,569, etc.

Midland Funding LLC vs. the following, claimed due on account:

■ Nancy S. Harper for $5,526, etc.

■ Patricia R. Prince for $4,981, etc.

■ Edith V. Campbell for $7,646, etc.

■ Linda K. Bower for $14,392, etc.

■ Flora D. Mitchell for $5,798, etc.

■ Carolyn L. Winglewish for $4,257, etc

LVNV Funding LLC vs. the following, claimed due on account:

■ Gregory L. Duckworth for $5,268, etc.

■ Carrieary Black for $5,008, etc.

■ Johnetta Beatty for $4,088, etc.

■ Roy Rankin for $8,887, etc.

Everybody's Auto Sales Inc. vs. the following, claimed due for alleged balance due:

■ Delisa Pinto for $5,145, etc

■ Dorothy McKinney for $4,648, etc.

■ Brandi N. Dockery for $7,079, etc.

■ Shelly Hopper for $6,687, etc.

Annette Taylor for $5,044, etc.


Amy Meredith Vice and Kenneth Harold Marshall.

Gina Marie Newman and Sean Lee Smith.

Stephanie Yvette Jointer and Christopher Lee Parker.

Georgette Padan Lilly and Danny Ray Smith.

Marsha Ann Cheak and Ray Anthony Blythe.

Katherine Ross Arrowood and Patrick Ryan Sutton.

Whitney Jeannene Akers and Zachary Dale Howell.

Laura Beth Stanley and Adam John Campbell.

Stephanie Anne Hoffman and Robert Harrison Theakston.

Mollie Marie Biddle and Roger Lee Flanagan Jr.

Stephanie Sue Degollado and Abelardo Solis Avalos.

Lorena Ontiveros Almanza and Juan Pablo Madrigal Pena.

Carmen Serrano and Melvin Jose Ferrer.

Brittany Laine Drury and Justin Tyler Haubner.

Erica Lisa Kuzma and Nicholas Johnston Carson.

Jacqueline Deweese and Jason Wesley Toncray.

Chunxia Zhao and Xin Zhan.

Isabel Cristina Velez and Darrell Anthony Palladino.

Donna Marie Capers and Charles Harold Mckesson.

Michelle Coty Bennett and Daniel Ray Martin.

Amy Leigh Stallings and William Anthony Jackson.

Monica Marie Marquardt and Shawn Christopher Trull.

Sarah Joy Meadows and Philip Andrew Bowdle.

Jamie Marie Wimsatt and Adam Ross Davis.

Karyn Anne Ruffing and Matthew Steven Renfrow.

Frances Hart Featherston and Adam James Boardman.

Melissa Ann Riley and Christopher Stanley Doerting.

Eliana Mara Gaburro and Richard Axel Westin.

Enrika Renee Johnson and Michael Tyrone Wright.

Natalya Y Chernetskaya and Andrey V Nesenchuk.

Brooke Sams and Jason Robert Rymer.

Brooke Ann Smith and David Robert Cottingham.

Mary Kristin Ward and Robert Ivan Hobbs.

Megan Dyan Milby and Anthony Stiles Newman.

Alison Michel Cantara and Daryl Ray West.

Maydo Burns Lorimer and Frank Albanese.

Jenna Lanelle Handshoe and Robert David Tackett.

Rachel Michelle Harvey and John Paul Overbee.

Tracey Lynn Mckenzie and David Lewis Noe.

Wendy Kelley Cano and Fernando Carlos Villamonte.

Margaret Anne Cunningham and Joseph Michael Shields.

Brooke Donell Haynes and Kevin Harris Smith.

Rochelle White and Rex Allen Clark.

Lee Anne Marie Vaughn and Corey Clinton Thomas.

Melissa Marie Bellau and Ryan Chris Wellman.

Sarah Burlingame Nelson and Jeremiah Landon Williams.

Heather Noelle Adkins and Brian Peter Brockman.

Rachelle Marie Turner and Jackeefe Alberez Warren.

Colette Marie Jackson and Fredrick Jerome Constant.

Elizabeth Ruth Sherburne and Matthew Paul Wellman.

Christina Ashley Cathers and Thomas Ryan Eva.

Denise Peck Staed and Jason Bolt Neeley.

Sarah Mccubbin Mayfield and David Howell Cain.

Jocelyn Mendano Tabontabon and Dustin Lew Withrow.

Carrie Lynn Johnson and James Michael Isaacs.

Allyson Lauren Hill and Dane Michael Blythe.


Wilson Scott Marhefka and Toni Lee Marhefka.

Brandy T. Rogers and Patrick N. Rogers.

David G. Smith and Deborah Smith.

Wayne Ross Miller and Amy Michelle Miller.

Gerald Joseph Havicus Jr. and Judy Kay Havicus.

Nancy Nanchary and Surendar Nanchary.

Jena Joan Merriam and Paul James Merriam.

Sandra Elizabeth Combs and Bruce Douglas Combs II.

Sodaley Mam and Joshua Richard Hall.

Amy S. Michael and Christian S. Michael.

Christine Brown and Kenneth Allen Brown.

Christopher Barrett Slagle and Julie Neavill Slagle.

Joseph Lize Mattingly Jr. and Angela Charlene Mattingly .

Alison Grout and Jason Grout.

Patricia Ann Stanley and Troy A. Stanley.

George William Prewitt IV and Denise Blanchard-Prewitt.

Maureen Denise Sanders and Troy Nicholas Sanders.

Becky Thomas and Gregory Mark Thomas.



Lourdes Rodriguez and Jose Faustino Juarez.

Holly Marie Miller and Lance Randall George Delay.

Marianna Katherine Blankenship and Jason Daniel Galloway.

Amber Ann Watts and Jason Ronald Ullstam.

Joanna Lynne Stevens and Merlon Dwayne Rison.


Sheila Kay Duncan and William Patrick Duncan.

Linda Ellen Rector and Joseph Lewis Rector.

Cristy Lee Barber and Jeremy William Barber.

Marian Delia Ward and Terry Gene Ward.

John Kroger and Sally Kroger.

Sherry B. Pflug and James W. Pflug.

Desanka Wilkinson and Glenn Wilkinson.

Pamela J. Wiseman and Rainer Bernard Wiseman.

Anna M. Bond and Jeffrey A. Bond.

Steven Lynn Adams and Bonita Kay Adams.

Jerome Embry and Andrea Kay Embry.

Ronald Clarence Johnson and Mary Jeanet Brantley-Johnson.

John Fitzgerald Ferrell and Kimberly Parks Ferrell.



Celia Anne Moss and Ronald Dale Hammond Jr.

Stephanie Ann Morgan and Christopher Caskey.

Shelia Kay Pierceall and Brian Lee Kuhn.

Brittany Elyse Richardson and Robert Stuart Coleman.

Kelly Jo Fint and Edgar Scotty Warner.

Laura Mae Durbin and Denver Ray Thurman.

Jeania Maria Bradshaw and Timothy Wayne Bertram.

Kristen Marie Sherman and Chad Warner Moberly.

Charidy Gail Estrada and Salvador Escobar.

Rebecca Ann Hatfield and Charles Douglas Hatfield.

Carmen Michelle Slater and Wayne Lindmark.

Olivia Jean Terry and Anthony Shayne Combs.

Mary Jane Lay and Rockie Allen Bates Jr.

Clara Nicole Terry and Elmer Ray Moore.

Kristina Lee Baker and Christopher Homer Carmichael.

La'Keia Marshae Coleman and Craig Deshawn Smith.

Brandy Renee Cooper and Michael Blevins.

Jana Lynn Fansler and Jack Robert Fansler.

Rebecca Lynn Jones and Matthew Allen Chaffee.

Nora Dee Craig and Anthony Wayne Malone.

Nancy Sueann Horn and Richard Dale Barker.

Lynnette Paige Marzec and David William Breaden.

Katie Sue Rutt and Kaleb Scott Phillips.

Rachel Renee Garr and William Cleo Taylor.

Monica Marie Moak and Steve Mark King.


Kelly Ann Long and Larry Wesley Long.

Billie Lee Mullins and Bobby Lee Mullins.

Joanna Louise Mink and James Ray Mink.

Andrea Burke O'Bryan and Christopher Alan O'Bryan.



Carol Ann Davey and Thaddeus Levis King.

Heayer L. Hensley and Lee E. Hubbard.

Maria Anne Miller and James D. Noble.

Deborah L. Freeman and John L. Wallis.

Jennifer L. Hall and David W. Smith.

Jessica D. Gibbs and Ryan M. Huffman.

Kathryn M. Shew and Christopher T. Toutant.

Christa R. Hymer and Aaron M. Brown.

Aimee Howson and Matthew T. Willis.

Jennifer L. Houseberg and Matthew E. Paugh.

Elizabeth R. Richardson and Randall W. Fox.

Leandra R. Craig and James A. Purvis.

Jennifer A. Casale and Chase L. Ott.

Cassandra R. Kincaid and Matthew J. Beach.

Annjanette M. French and Randall L. Matthews.

Jessica A. McMillen and Patrick S. Webb.

Louise Marcum and Wade P. Miller.

Sherry F. Owens and Billy J. Owens.

Jennifer G. Alexander and Frank M. Carrier Jr..

Charlotte J. Arvin and Burlin D. Reed.

Natasha M. Hoover and Christopher D. Crouch.

Regina A. Phelps and Joey A. Farley.

Deana M. Thrasher and Marlon M. Madison.

Jennifer L. Miller and James V. Norris.

Brandy M. Hobalt and Jacob L. Rose.

Crystal S. Graham and Jonathan W. Kelley.

Serena N. Rader and Adam M. Humphreys.


Pamela M. Randow and Joseph Randow.

Jennifer Himes and Virgil Himes.

Phil Hedges and Lucinda Hedges.

William H. Fischlein and Anna L. Fischlein.

Charles C. Reid and Sandra K. Reid.

Sandra Lewis and Earl D. Lewis.

Elizabeth Rhodus and Ricky Rhodus.

Judith Marie Shelton and Gordan Edward Shelton.

Christine Phares and Michael Phares.

Roxie Ellen Himes and Paul Kalvin Himes.

Imogene Collins and Ralph Ewey Collins.

Denisha Lyn Hasty and Billy Gordon Hasty.

Julio R. Moya and Xiomara Moya.

Crystal A. Sears and Christopher L. Sears.

Mary Katherine Gilbert and John Edgar Gilbert.



Central Baptist Hospital

Aug. 18: Agee, Ronnie and Kristy, Berea, boy.

Ayers, Mark and Jennifer, Lexington, boy.

Gay, Lorenzo and Hannah, Danville, boy.

Neary, Stephen and Natasha, Lexington, boy.

Tillett, Jeremy and Carrie, Georgetown, girl.

Vanderplatts, Todd and Diana, Lexington, boy.

Whitenack, Clay and Andrea, Harrodsburg, girl.

Aug. 19: Fisher, John and Melissa, Lexington, boy.

Hundley, Dallas and Vanessa, Booneville, boy.

Sea, Jacob and Melissa, Lawrenceburg, girl.

Tyler, Dusten and Melissa, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 20: Carter, Daniel and Vien, Georgetown, girl.

Haley, Wally and Rebecca, Berea, girl.

Marlow, David and Tammy, Wilmore, boy.

Reed, Crystal, Lexington, girl.

Tevis, William and Melissa, Lexington, boy.

Walters, Richard and Angela, Georgetown, girl.

Witt, Scott and Tracy, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 21: Clay, Larry and Melissa Havicus, Georgetown, boy.

Johnson, Christopher and Crystal Hammons, Georgetown, boy.

Roberts, Anthony and Brenda Mayes, Booneville, boy.

Scott, Brian and Jamie, Lexington, girl.

Shaikh, Taimur and Marcella, Lexington, girl.

Sullivan, Joseph and Alisia, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 22: Barbee, William and Jennifer, Frankfort, girl.

DeBorde, Amanda, Versailles, girl.

Masterling, Kevin and Suzanne, Cleanfield, girl.

Maddox, Charles and Jennifer, Harrodsburg, girl.

May, Brandon and Elizabeth, Frankfort, boy.

Metcalf, Randy and Melissa, Nicholasville, boy.

Nicholson, Jennifer, London, boy.

Pandzic, Klauss and Jasminka, Lexington, boy.

Ritchie, Russell and April, Lexington, girl.

Serafini, Brodford and Cassie, Lexington, girl.

Thornton, Jon and Wendy, Georgetown, girl.

Aug. 23: Drury, Jonathan and Brooke, Nicholasville, boy.

Hampton, Elijah and Emily, Winchester, girl.

King, Chris and Portia Henson, Jackson, girl.

Aug. 24: Blackerby, Ryan and Sarah, Lexington, girl.

Aug. 25: Couch, Heather, Nicholasville, girl.

Crase, John II and Sherri, Lancaster, girl.

Fox, Joseph and Christina, Nicholasville, boy.

Gasparac, Nevin and Desirae, Jeffersonville, boy.

Lafferty, Alyssa, Lancaster, boy.

Phillips, Edwards III and Belinda, Winchester, boy.

Stephens, Mark and Megan, Lexington, girl.

Smith, Gary and Crystal Vires, Nicholasville, girl.

Williams, Tamara, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 26: Crum, Bradley and Ashley Webb, Nicholasville, girl.

Aug. 27: Broadwater, Benjamin and Jennifer, Versailles, girl.

Combs, John and Kimberly, Lexington, girl.

Goodwin, Danny and Jennifer, Lexington, girl.

Johnson, Keith and Tiffany Chandler, Lexington, boy.

Jones, Marcos and Stephanie Brown, Lexington, boy.

Lingrosso, Daniel and Brandy, Georgetown, boy.

Mills, Thomas and Theresa, Lexington, girl.

Mitchell, Andrea and Phyllis Irvin, Lexington, boy.

Perry, Christopher and Jan, Lexington, girl.

Reece, Joshua and Nikita, Richmond, girl.

Stacy, Matthew and Stacey, Lexington, girl.

Traylor, Chadwick and Neely, Mount Sterling, girl.

Westerfield, John and Angela, Stanford, boy.

Aug. 28: Akers, Walter and Soraya, Georgetown, boy.

Battea, Rexon and Erica Guerrero, Lexington, girl.

Brown, Timothy and Lisa, Lexington, girl.

Chapman, Larry Jr. and Tina, Irvine, boy.

Hitch, Chelsea, Lexington, boy.

Kaleigh, Edgar and Angela, Jackson, boy.

Lefevers, Billy III and Heather, Lexington, girl.

Lilley, Lisa, Lancaster, boy.

McNess, Andrew and Karen, Lexington, girl.

Meyers, Autumn, Lexington, girl.

Mohr, Lonnie and Samantha, Nicholasville, boy.

Rogers, James and Donna McClure, Lexington, boy.

Short, Crystal, Lexington, girl.

Smith, Cody and Lauren, Lexington, boy.

Thomas, Jason and Jennifer, Lexington, girl.

Thornton, Raymond and Kimberly Roe, Georgetown, girl.

Walker, Joshua and Ashley, Stamping Ground, girl.

Aug. 29: Carson, Fred Jr. and Michelle Pruitt, Lexignton, boy.

Collins, John and Katayoun Azhari, Nicholasville, boy.

Cunningham, Robert and Abby, Lexington, boy.

Guinn, Audrey, Versailles, girl.

Hartings, Jason and Megan, Lexington, girl.

Jasper, Christopher and Janice, Sadieville, girl.

Key, Kia, Danville, girl.

Littrell, Andrew and Julie, Lexington, twin boys.

Mack, Antonio and Aure, Lexington, boy.

Short, Brandon and Karen, Lexington, boy.

Salomon, Santos and Crystal, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 30: Gomez, Millan and Joy, Lexington, girl.

Meador, Natasha, Nicholasville, girl.

Malicote, Clint and Brittany Richardson, Georgetown, boy.

Overstreet, Quentin and Felicia Gossett, Nicholasville, girl.

Patrick, Roger II and Jennifer, Lexington, girl.

Rutherford, Melvin and Jennifer, Nicholasville, boy.

Whitaker, Michael and Courtney, Lexington, boy.

Aug. 31: Branham, Justin and Holly, Versailles, boy.

Lovin, Clyde and Rachael, Nicholasville, boy.

Roberts, Justin and Chrstina Tomlin, Versailles, girl.

Sheets, Lonni and Stephanie, Lexington, girl.

Ward, Ian and Sara, Bardstown, boy.

Watson, Jennifer, Lexington, girl.

Sept. 1: Beatty, Vanessa, Lexington, girl.

Demuth, Daniel and Jessica, Lexington, girl.

Dozier, Sarah, Lexington, boy.

Pendleton, Jessica, Lexington, boy.

Phillips, William and Krista, Berea, boy.

Watkins, James and Shawnda, Wallingford, boy.

Sept. 2: Bentley, Chayesha, Lexington, girl.

Connors, Lauren, Lexington, boy.

Ishmael, Christopher and Hannah, Cynthiana, boy.

Lee, Nyesha, Lexington, boy.

Otis, Jason and Jacklynn, Lexington, boy.

Pokius, Julie, Lexington, girl.

Proctor, Joseph and Megan, Lexington, boy.

Taylor, Ronald and Miki, Nicholasville, boy.

Sept. 3: Barnett, Jim and Melissa, Richmond, boy.

Castle, Earl and Jennifer, Lexington, girl.

Fisher, Joshua and Lori, Lexington, boy.

Jeffries, Mark and Alta, Lawrenceburg, boy.

Lightfoot, Anthony and Linda, Nicholasville, boy.

Moore, Rebecca, Jackson, boy.

Pitcher, Brandon and Kelley, Lexington, boy.

Pridemore, Kevin and Stephanie, Lexington, boy.

Soard, Steven and Kelli, Lexington, boy.

Sudol, Joanna, Lexington, boy.

Warfield, Shene, Richmond, boy.

Sept. 4: Byrns, Michael and Sharyl, Lexington, girl.

Christian, Tyra, Lexington, girl.

Dabney, James and Gina, Richmond, boy.

Hill, Ronald and Kierra Berry, Lexington, girl.

Kerns, Bradley and Katherine, Nicholasville, boy.

Lehman, Paul and Karen, Lexington, boy.

Pelfrey, Carl and Jenny, Paris, boy.

Pickens, Ricky and Bobbie Floyd, Glasgow, girl.

Purcell, Bradley and Sarah, Paris, girl.

Stephenson, Stephen and Laura, Lexington, boy.

Wardle, Kayleigh, Paris, girl.

Wilder, Earl and Angela, Georgetown, girl.

Sept. 5: Buchanan, Greggory and Crystal, Lexington, girl.

Crisostomo, Israel and Pamela Day, Lexington, boy.

Fain, Emily, Wilmore, girl

Hettiarachchi, Prageeth and Debora Zaglul, Lexington, girl.

Holt, Darren and Kerry, Georgetown, boy.

Johnson, Dennis and Krista, Lexington, girl.

McKnight, Jason and Susanna, Lexington, boy.

O'Neill, Robert and Tanya, Lexington, boy.

Sanchez, Agustin and Kristen Paul, Lexington, girl.

Smith, Shannon, Slat Lick, boy.

Yanase, Mitsuru and Maho, Lexington, girl.

Sept. 6: Adams, Daniel and Ellen, Nicholasville, boy.

Albright, Michael and Jamie, Richmond, boy.

Haddix, James and Jaclyn, Lawrenceburg, girl.

Matcheswalla, Akil and Katherine, Lexington, girl.

Miller, Robert and Elizabeth, Lawrenceburg, girl.

Otey, David and Candus, Nicholasville, girl.

Timoney, Killion and Lyndsey, Lexington, boy.

Valle, Joseph and Kelly, Lexington, boy.

Wallace, Austin and Brittany Fint, Lawrenceburg, boy.

Wells, Trevor and Katherine, Lexington, boy.

Sept. 7: Clark, Margaret, Lexington, girl.

Jordan, Daniel and Regina, boy.

Moreno, Kelly, Lexington, girl.

Pingelton, Scott and Stacy, Lancaster, boy.

Wilder, Francesca, Beattyville, boy.

Sept. 8: Duncan, Jesse and Bethany, Lexington, girl.

Eubank, Joel and Amie, Lexington, girl.

Meade, Michael and Amanda, Lexington, boy.

Miller, Chelsea, Lexington, boy.

White, Danielle, Danville, girl.

Sept. 9: Caldwell, Jeffrey and Marie, Lexington, boy.

Hensley, Rodney and Jamie, McKee, boy.

Long, James and Tara Black, Frankfort, girl.

Lynch, Michael and Elizabeth, Lexington, girl.

Stephens, James and Amanda Walker, Lexington, boy.

Tierney, Michael and Deborah, Lexington, girl.

Turner, Matthew and Nicole, Nicholasville, girl.

Wheeler, Greg and Shannon, Nicholasville, boy.

Whitley, James Jr. and Kimberly, Nicholasville, boy.

Williams, Blair and Heather, Lexington, boy.

Sept. 10: Adkins, James and Heather, Georgetown, boy.

Allen, Charles and Misty, Jackson, girl.

Catlett, Charles II and Danielle, Winchester, girl.

Fox, Brandon and Renee, Lexington, boy.

Layne, Krystal, Nicholasville, girl.

Manning, James and Trisha, Lexington, boy.

Potter, Michael and Shandi, Lexington, boy.

Slattery, Joshua and Pamela, Lexington, girl.

Smith, Russell Jr. and April, Lexington, girl.

Tyson, Bradley and Adonika, Georgetown, girl.


Frankfort Regional Medical Center

Sept. 3: Craig, Richard and Erica Nowlin, Versailles, girl.


Pattie A. Clay Medical Center, Richmond

Sept. 1: Marshall, Brandon and Kourtnee, Berea, girl.

Miller, Lindsey, Richmond, boy.

Sept. 2: Murphy, Josh and Lori Powell, Richmond, girl.

Samples, Lameasha, girl.

Sept. 3: Camel, Ernest and Tammi, Berea, boy.

Roach, David and Tiffany, Paint Lick, boy.

Sept. 4: Stanley, Christopher and Michelle Spence, Richmond, girl.

Stevens, Denzel and Alana, Irvine, boy.

Sept. 5: Coffey, Brian and Janie, Wildie, boy.

Davidson, James and Farrah Stamper, Berea, boy.