Senior pets up for adoption at local shelters

November is national Adopt a Senior Pet month, designated to highlight senior pets available for adoption at shelters nationwide and often overlooked in favor of younger animals.

Area shelters are urging people to consider adopting older pets, which often are less active, easier to train and often already housebroken, bond more quickly to new owners and require less maintenance.

Some area humane societies are offering special adoption fees for senior pets and a drawing for free food for a year.

The following is a list of the few of the pets — including a few seniors — available for adoption at the Lexington Humane Society and the Woodford Humane Society. Call or visit your local shelter or go to to see dogs waiting for homes in your area.

Smoky, ben and LUkA

Lexington Humane Society

1600 Old Frankfort Pike, Lexington, Ky. 40504

(859) 233-0044

Luka: This 2-year-old, female, blonde-colored shepherd mix is energetic and loves to run and play. She has completed obedience training and has learned to follow commands. She needs a big yard.

Smoky: The 2-year-old black Lab mix has been up for adoption since March after his previous owner gave him up because they didn't have enough space in their home. He's very calm and affectionate, loves to lie on his back and have his belly rubbed and enjoys playing fetch outdoors.

Ben: The 10-month-old shepherd mix with a red and white coat has been up for adoption since April. He's very calm and loves to cuddle. He likes to play outdoors and his favorite game is tug of war.

Cost to adopt: Adult dog: $69; puppy: $99; adult cat: $49; kitten: $79. Price includes up-to-date vaccinations, spaying or neutering, permanent microchip ID, worming, flea treatment, 30-day pet medical insurance, bag of Science Diet food, vet office visit, grooming visit, and a heartworm test for dogs.

November specials: In celebration of Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month, people who adopt one of the more than 300 senior pets at the center will be entered into a drawing to win free Science Diet brand pet food for one year. Senior dogs can be adopted for $49 and senior cats for $29.


Woodford Humane Society

265 Thomas Lane, Versailles, Ky. 40383

(859) 873-5491


Jack: This 8-year-old, 60-pound Rottweiler/shepherd mix is housetrained, playful and gets along with other dogs and preteen children. He was brought to the shelter because his owner had health problems. He's obedient and intelligent.

Maggie: This 12-year-old, domestic, short-haired black cat came to the shelter after her former owner died.

Cost to adopt: Adult dog: $90; small-breed adult dog, $110; puppy, $110; small-breed puppy, $130; adult cat: $65; special breed or declawed cat, $85; kitten, $85; special breed or declawed kitten, $105. Price includes spaying or neutering, up-to-date vaccinations, worming, rabies shot coupon, visit to a vet clinic, training DVD and 30-day pet insurance.

November special: In celebration of Adopt A Senior Pet Month, senior dogs can be adopted for $50 and senior cats for $40.