Assistance with bills, car repair needed

A request for assistance to pay rent and telephone bills and another to help with car repair were received at Lex-Care this week.

Jane Redmon, a social worker with Hospice of the Bluegrass, submitted the first request on behalf of a married couple with two children who live in a rural area. They need $620 for rent and telephone bills.

One of the children has special needs and has entered the Hospice program. The husband was employed full time in the construction business until he was let go because of the building sector downturn. He now is self-employed as a handyman working various small jobs while he seeks full-time employment. His wife works as a housekeeper when work is available. However, one parent must be available to care for the child, so both cannot work at the same time. At this time their income is from sporadic earnings, child support, Supplemental Social Security, and food stamps.

Peggy Henson, case manager at Employment Solutions, is working with a single mother of four who needs $205.41 to repair her car.

After her graduation from Kentucky Technical College with an associate degree as an administrative assistant, the woman was employed full-time at a local utility company. She commutes every work day from Lexington to her job in Woodford County. The brakes on her car need repair as soon as possible. She can meet the family's living expenses from her earnings but needs assistance to meet this unexpected expense.

Her income is from her earnings and food stamps.