Clark County

Students honor deceased electrician

Fourth-graders at Saint Agatha Academy in Winchester donated $26 to the trust fund of the daughter of a Minnesota man who was killed near Paducah while working on power lines damaged in the recent ice storm. Andrew Reichwein, 35, is survived by his wife Deena and his 4-year-old daughter Alexis. Reichwein was an eight-year employee of Connexus Energy in Ramsey, Minn.

The class collects spare change in a bank at the school. When the bank fills, the students choose a cause to receive the money. The students voted unanimously to send their savings to the trust fund.

In a letter to the East Kentucky Power Co. coordinator for the memorial, the students wrote: "We are each saddened by the circumstances and we will pray for Mr. Reichwein and his family. We feel he was the ultimate example of a Christian as he gave his life in service for others."

Spelling bee success

Four students from Saint Agatha Academy competed in the Clark County Spelling Bee for students in third through eighth grade Feb. 26 at George Rogers Clark High School.

Zach Baugher, 4th grade, and Victoria Bankes, 6th grade, made it through two rounds of the bee. Sally Sum, 8th grade, qualified through three rounds. Gerald Bankes, 5th grade, qualified through Round 5 — the final round — and competed in and won a spell-off for runner-up.

Athlete selected for tournament team

Adam Grashel, an offensive lineman on George Rogers Clark High School's football team, was recently selected to represent Kentucky in the 21st Annual Down Under Sports Tournaments. The tournaments are hosted each June and July in Australia or New Zealand. Donations are being requested to sponsor the trip. Call International Sports Specialists, Inc., at (435) 753-4732 or for instructions. Visit