Parents need help to pay for rent, utilities

Two cases, both seeking assistance to pay rent and utility bills, were received at Lex-Care this week.

Cathy Sutphen, case manager at the Russell Cave Family Resource Center, is counseling a single mother of three — ages 16, 13 and 9. She needs $750 to pay her rent and utility bills.

She works housekeeping and laundry jobs. A month ago she suffered a severe burn to her hand and has been unable to work. Because of the length of time she has been unable to work, she lost her job. The loss of her wages has caused her to fall behind on these bills. She plans to return to work as soon as she receives a medical release from her doctor.

There is no income at this time, but her landlord is willing to work with her because she has been a good tenant for years. Once she returns to work she will be able to provide for her family again.

Sandra Ballew-Barnes at the Breckinridge Elementary Family Resource Center is advising a father of twins. He needs $627.15 to pay his rent and electric bills.

He is the sole income earner in the family. His wife, who has applied for Social Security disability benefits, is unable to work because of severe high blood pressure, depression and chronic hepatitis.

He suffered back and knee injuries while on the job he has held for more than a year. He has undergone three surgeries. During this time he was on non-pay status but received worker's compensation benefits. Those benefits stopped when he was released to return to work, but he will not receive his first paycheck for two weeks.

The family will be able to manage when his pay is re-established.