Stanford waitress does Ky. proud on 'Top Model'

A waitress from Stanford (population 3,399) is making Kentucky proud as one of four finalists on America's Next Top Model.

Laura Kirkpatrick, 19, made an immediate impression during casting for The CW's hit reality competition by describing in some detail how to castrate a bull (squeeze, twist and slash).

She has gone on to produce consistently good photos on the fashion modeling contest and showcase her Southern charm. The judges, including show creator Tyra Banks, sometimes seem a little surprised at the sophistication of the blonde beauty with a truly country twang. This in spite of the fact that another Kentucky woman, Celia Ammerman, originally from Cynthiana, placed in the final four on Top Model last season.

Kirkpatrick, who is 5 feet, 6 inches tall, competes against other petite models in Cycle 13, where the hook is that all the women are shorter than 5-foot-7.

The buzz around Stanford is that Kirkpatrick took the top prize, but The CW won't tell and Kirkpatrick is not allowed to say until after the finale, scheduled to air Nov. 18.

But she can answer some questions via e-mail. Here's Kirkpatrick's take on sweet tea, life on the show and her grandma's love of sexy clothing.

Question: What sort of "firsts" did you have because of the show? Have you traveled much previously?

Answer: I've traveled a lot and had even been to Hawaii (the site of the past few shows) before. There are still so many firsts for me, though. Before the show I had never met a celebrity, never driven in L.A., never scuba-dived, never been naked on a horse, never worked or saw Cirque du Soleil in person, never been to Las Vegas.

Q: Who is your favorite judge?

A: I love them all, but Miss Jay is so funny. He's a hoot, and I believe he stood up for me a lot. I wish I could put him in my pocket and bring him home. He always loved my Southern charm.

Q: How do you pass the time in the model house? Do you have access to television and magazines?

A: For the most part, we didn't have a lot of down time; we were so busy with going different places and at photo shoots for long, long days. We painted each other's face with all the Cover Girl makeup we got. We even played hide and seek one time. We also practiced runway, and one time we ordered out for Chinese food and dressed up real nice and threw a party for no good reason.

Q: What's up with your sunburn? Did they not provide sunscreen or did you not use it?

A: Yes, I applied SPF 80 three times but still got burned. I am very, very fair-skinned.

Q: If you make it as a model, what sort of modeling would you like to do?

A: I'd love to do high fashion, but that will be a little hard for me at first. That is my goal, though, and I won't give up on it. Also, I'd like to do really classy lingerie like Victoria's Secret. My body isn't stick-thin like a waif model, it's more curvy and I like it, so I think that won't be so hard. I'd love to model for Ralph Lauren and be in Vogue magazine. I can see me doing a lot of print work. I'm not ever really going to turn down any job, though.

Q: Outside of modeling, what sort of career would you like to have?

A: If I wasn't a model, I'd open my own restaurant. I love to cook and I have cooked since I was little. I love to cook for men. I love to see them dig in and fight over the last bit.

Q: What did you miss most about Kentucky while you were competing?

A: My family and sweet tea. Also, I like being out in the country, where it's so peaceful. It really can relieve stress.

Q: On the show, you mentioned your grandmother several times. What did she think of all the skimpy outfits?

A: This question makes me laugh. I'm sitting here with my grandma, so I read her the question and she burst out laughing, too. My grandmother is really young at heart. I'd say about 20. She likes to design sexy clothing for women, and she feels women should feel sexy and stylish in whatever they wear.

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