Lex-Care: Renters need some help to get by

Two cases requesting emergency financial assistance were submitted this week to Lex-Care.

Selene Negrette, a case manager with Hospice of the Bluegrass, is counseling a single woman who is the head of a household that includes her daughter and two grandchildren. She needs $875 to pay her rent.

She works as a housekeeper during the school year at a sorority house; during the summer she files for unemployment benefits. Due to a change in her marital status that had not been entered into her employment computer records, her benefits check was delayed.

Once the benefits begin, they will continue until she returns to work next month, and her household will return to normal.

Shannon Gordon, a social worker at the Senior Citizens Center, submitted the next case. Her client is a married man who needs $425 to pay rent.

The man worked in the horse industry all his life until he retired and started receiving Social Security benefits. He and his wife have separated, and the loss of her income has created financial difficulties.

He works part-time at Kentucky Horse Park. Once the past-due rent is paid, he will be able to pay all his living expenses.

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