Family needs utilities money; disabled woman needs rent

The two cases received this week at Lex-Care requested assistance to pay rent and utility bills.

Ebonee Brown, director of the Family Resource Center at Picadome Elementary School, is working with a married couple with four children. The need is for $387.55 to pay utility bills.

The husband is an independent contractor whose working contract expired on June 1. Because he is considered self-employed he is not eligible for unemployment benefits. He is looking for full-time work. The wife works part-time at a job she has had for over 15 years. She hopes to increase her status to full-time. The Adult and Tenant Service Agency is assisting in getting their utility costs discounted. Income at this time is from the wife's earnings and food stamps.

Chera Mattox, a case manager at Adult and Tenant Services, has a client who is a divorced woman who needs $650 to pay her rent.

The woman worked over a period of 10 years in the advertising field and as a teacher. She had to stop work as she developed several medical problems, among which are lupus, arthritis, upper respiratory problems and degenerative joint disease. She applied for and received Social Security Disability benefits. Doctors have found a way to treat her problems with medications. But the cost was more than she could afford and she fell behind on her rent. Her doctor has changed some of her prescriptions which will decrease the risk of infection, the cost of the medicine and the co-pays for each office visit.

What keeps her from returning to work is the fact that she needs surgery on both feet; to remove a deep-rooted cyst on one, and correction of hammer toes on the other. Once her rent is paid the woman feels she will be able to afford the co-pays to get the surgeries performed. She hopes to return to the work force when that is done. At present her income is disability benefits and food stamps.

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