Lex-Care has requests from two who need boost

Two requests for assistance were received at Lex-Care to help catch up with medical and finance contract agreements.

Susan Temmermand, a case manager at American Red Cross, is working with a divorced man who needs $736.20 to pay past-due hospital and doctor bills and rent.

The man worked for more than 35 years until a car accident left him with neck and back injuries. He receives disability benefits. He has developed other medical conditions, including COPD and reflux disease. He was hospitalized for two days in April to have a tumor removed from his spine. He has struggled to pay his medical bills and has set up a monthly payment plan. In the interim, he has fallen behind on his rent.

Once the rent is taken care of, he will be able to manage on Social Security Disability benefits and food stamps.

Catherine Korrect, a case manager at Bluegrass MH-MR (Bluegrass Clinical In-Home Services), has a client who needs $741.24 to make past-due payments on a finance contract.

The client is a single mother of three children, one of whom is disabled. During 2007 and 2008, all members of the family had medical problems, and medical bills accumulated. In May 2010, her bank account was levied for the complete balance due the Department of Revenue. This sudden loss resulted in past-due payments on her finance contract.

Once that bill is cleared, she will be able to manage on the income she receives from grants, student loans, child support and the SSI benefits her daughter receives.

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