Lex-Care: Couple in housing crunch need help with rent

Delores Couch, a case manager at Adult and Tenant Services, submitted the only case received at Lex-Care this week. She is advising a married woman who needs $475 to pay the family's rent.

In November 2009 the wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is following a course of treatment that was set up after surgery. The side effects of the treatment have left her unable to work. The couple was managing on her husband's income until he was recently laid off. As a result, they have fallen behind on their rent.

The present needs of his wife make it difficult for the husband to commit to a new job. The couple hopes to move into less costly housing to reduce their monthly living expenses.

When the wife's good health returns she plans to go back to work. Her husband hopes to be able to accept permanent employment soon. At this time they are managing on their Social Security benefits, his unemployment benefits, and food stamps.

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