Two need help paying rent

Two requests for help with rent payments have been received at Lex-Care.

Dani Rodger, a case manager at the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, submitted a request on behalf of a single mother who needs $750 to avoid being evicted.

The woman is a self-employed house cleaner. Her business has faltered due to the poor economy, and she is looking for part-time work to supplement her income. She has depleted her savings and is considering applying for food stamps.

Delores Couch, who works at Adult and Tenant Services, has a client who needs $495 to pay her rent.

The woman is a retired single grandmother who cares for her disabled grandchild. Recently, the court assigned her temporary custody of four more grandchildren. Her retirement income has been reduced temporarily to repay a debt. She has depleted her savings and has applied for kinship benefits. The kinship benefit will supplement her retirement pay and her grandson's disability benefits.

The long-range plan to prevent homelessness is for all parties to adjust to their changed roles and for the children's mother to soon be able to take care of them.

You can help: Send tax- deductible contributions to Lex-Care Inc. Emergency Fund, P.O. Box 1328, Lexington, Ky. 40508. Contact Lex-Care at (859) 233-7779 or