Lex-Care: Mother, ailing daughter need help with rent

The following cases were received at Lex-Care this week:

Donna Armstrong, a case manager with Hospice of the Bluegrass, is counseling a widow who is raising her 16-year-old daughter. They live outside of Lexington and the mother needs $750 to pay her rent.

The mother works as a bookkeeper and is enrolled in school to become a registered nurse. Her daughter was diagnosed with Senior-Loken Syndrome, an eye disease, and is legally blind. In 2009 the daughter started receiving dialysis treatments three days a week at the University of Kentucky. The mother had to cut back her work hours to drive her daughter to the treatments. The loss of income along with the travel costs caused her to fall behind on her bills. Last month the daughter received a successful kidney transplant, but treatments are still needed two to three days a week.

Income at this time is from Survivor Social Security benefits that the mother and daughter receive, food stamps and the mother's earnings.

The mother is seeking further assistance from a social worker at Daniel's Care Palliative program, who is requesting funding from the Kentucky Health Alliance of Kentucky. She is also filing a law suit in federal court for black lung benefits. Her husband died three years ago from that disease. Another social worker is helping to obtain funding with travel expenses.

Family needs wiring upgrade

Shelly Hale, a case manager at the Kentucky River Hills Family Preservation Program, is counseling a single mother of an 11-year-old son who needs $750 to pay for electrical repairs.

She and her son live in an older home she inherited. The woman had been saving to pay to have electrical wiring repairs completed following a fire in one of the electric outlets. However, the flooring in the laundry room began to collapse and she used her savings to repair the floor.

The mother continued to work until she was disabled in an automobile accident and was later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her only income at this time is from Supplemental Social Security benefits child support.

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