Veteran Army nurse needs $550 to reconnect gas service

Requests were received at Lex-Care last week for assistance to pay a gas bill and to help pay a family's rent.

Shannon Gordon, a social worker at the Senior Citizens Center, is helping her client, an elderly widow who is a veteran Army nurse. She needs $551 to pay a past due gas bill so that service can be reconnected.

She and her disabled son live together and they take care of her teenage grandson. They live on a small fixed income. They have had their home winterized and have made arrangements to use the gas company's budget plan. They will be able to maintain their living expenses once the past due amount is paid. The son is also processing paper work to obtain Social Security disability benefits.

Lupus sufferer needs money for medicine, rent

A case was submitted by Julie Broderson, a social worker at Centenary United Methodist Church, who is counseling a young woman who needs $375 to pay her rent.

In October the woman lost her job and her health insurance. She suffers from severe lupus and fibromyalgia and is unable to afford the medications needed to treat her illnesses. She has depleted her savings.

She has applied for unemployment benefits and is seeking employment. Once that benefit starts she will be able to manage until she is gainfully employed again.

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