Lex-Care: Families need help paying medical bills, mortgage

Two cases were received last week at Lex-Care:

Lissa Keller, a social worker at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital, is working with a family with four children. The family needs $730.57 to buy medical equipment recommended by one child's medical team.

The child has suffered from cerebral palsy since infancy and has developed juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. He is non-ambulatory and is receiving outpatient treatment including therapy at Cardinal Hill. His physical therapists have recommended a special piece of equipment that will help improve the boy's strength and quality of life.

The mother, who is the boy's primary caregiver, fell in June 2009. She received medical care but still owes $9,000 in medical bills. Paying on that debt makes any extra expense difficult to cover. The family is able to pay their normal living expenses.

The second case was submitted by Beth Myers, a case manager at Mary Todd Elementary Family Resource Center. She is counseling a married couple, who have six adopted/foster children and need $644.49 to pay their mortgage.

The husband recently developed some medical problems with his back that prevent his working as a skilled laborer. His doctor has recommended vocational rehabilitation with the hope it would preclude back surgery. The man is also being treated for Type I diabetes with fluctuating high blood sugar.

Income at this time is from short-term disability benefits, which is less than half his normal pay, and his wife's long-term disability benefits. His doctor advised that he pursue Social Security Disability benefits, which he is doing. The family will also apply for food stamps and look for other resources that will help financially until the husband receives a release to work from his doctor.

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