For the record

Records are gathered from the county clerks' offices and from the Fayette County health department and area hospitals. Fayette County records appear weekly. Other counties appear biweekly. Contact Sally Scherer at



Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center

Dec. 16: Ricky Ivey and Amber Horn, Richmond, boy.

Dec. 17: Randall and Elena Bussell, Mt. Vernon, boy.

Jerry and Sally Diehl, London, boy.

Dec. 18: Chad and Kristie Glovak, Berea, girl.

Dec. 20: Shelby and Ashley Coffey, Covington, boy.

Mark and Jessica Moody, Richmond, girl.

Tyler Noland and Suzi Jones, Irvine, girl.

Thomas Seale and Patricia Little, Booneville, girl.

Dec. 21: Jonathan and Lindsay Douglas, Richmond, boy.

Charles Williamson and Christina Sharon, Richmond, girl.

Dec. 22: Kellia Burnette, Richmond, boy.

Justin Tate and Karri Wilson, Richmond, girl.



Central Baptist Hospital

Dec. 14: Brittany Purvis, Lexington, girl.

Dec. 20: Corey Cummins and Brandi Green, Lexington, girl.

Paul and Jennifer Fraley, Hazard, boy.

Robert Griffin and Marilyn Jenkins, Lexington, boy.

Carrie Anne Coburn, Lexington, boy.

Dec. 21: Jesse and Nenna Abrams, Berea, boy.

Jason and Cheyenne Barnett, Wilmore, boy.

William and Sarah Breault, Lexington, girl.

Anthony Deering and Shannon Scanlon, Lexington, girl.

William and Heather Folger, Stanford, boy.

Harry and Jenny Lafferty, Frankfort, girl.

Brett and Kasey Robinson, London, boy.

Brian and Margaret Sampson, Paris, boy.

Robert Tackett and Misty Wells, Lawrenceburg, girl.

Bradley and Elizabeth Terrill, Paris, boy.

Taurean and Amy Younger, Nicholasville, girl.

Dec. 22: Demonte' Andrews and Nakiecha Alcius, Lexington, boy.

Samuel and Holly Bailey, Lexington, girl.

Richard and Katie Barnes, Nicholasville, girl.

Francis and Virginia Desmond, Lancaster, girl.

Jonathan and Kama Hough, Maysville, girl.

Christopher Rozeboom and Grace Norton, Lexington, girl.

David and Lindsey Tirey, Owenton, girl.

Electra Feeback, Cynthiana, girl.

Tina Kelly, Lexington, boy.

Dec. 23: Larry Boggess and Jacquelyn Knapp, Lexington, girl.

Willie and Toni Hood, Richmond, boy.

Brian and Heather Johnson, Owingsville, girl.

Jesse Jones and Ashley Hinton, Georgetown, boy.

Randall and Jennifer Jones, Georgetown, girl.

Osvaldo Lino and Josefina Lino, Lexington, girl.

Malcolm Long and Shamare Penman, Lexington, boy.

Ronnie Morgan and Tabitha Hyatt, Georgetown, girl.

Daniel and Brittany Phelps, Versailles, boy.

Ta' Covi Tichenor and Monica Miller, Winchester, girl.

Warner II and Karen Wells, Lexington, boy.

Dec. 24: Jonathan Adams and Nance Coeb, Lexington, boy.

Justin and Jennifer Gray, Lexington, boy.

Brandon and Ina Harris, Lexington, girl.

Micheal McGuire and Chasitie Rose, Lexington, girl.

Jeremy and Sabrina Weakley, Richmond, girl.

Jeremy and Ellen Wieger, Lexington, girl.

Cassandra Wilson, Harrodsburg, girl.

Dec. 25: Jason and Jennifer Thomas, Winchester, girl.

Dec. 26: Angela Johnson, Lexington, boy.

Dec. 27: Christopher and Golden Adams, Richmond, girl.

Darren and Amelia Bratton, Paris, girl.

Jerrod and Jennifer Hooten, Nicholasville, boy.

John and Bethany Kelly, Lexington, boy.

Bobby and Sarah Lawson, Lexington, girl.

Corey Logan and Francisca Bravo, Lexington, girl.

Carl and Amanda Mather, Lexington, boy.

Travis Partin and Paulina Hensley, Siler, boy.

Seth and Kasie Ralston, Lexington, girl.

Dwayne Stallworth and Deasia Jones, Lexington, girl.

John Wood and Jennifer Jones, Georgetown, girl.

Dec. 28: Frankie Jr. and Tracy Blevins, Berea, girl.

Jeff and Jonna Bryant, Lexington, boy.

Randall and Brandi Darland, Salvisa, boy.

Charles III and Whitney Farley, Lexington, boy.

Stanley and Tracey Smith, London, boy.