Fayette marriage licenses

This list of people who have recently applied for marriage licenses was incorrectly labeled on Page B5 of Life + Neighbors on Wednesday:

Eunice Horn and Brent Edward Robinson

Yanhuan Xu and Duu Shyue Renn

Julie Michelle Forrest and Thomas Brandon Parker

Leah Catherine Dick and Onur Camur

Shandrika Lynn Pearson and Joshua Ian Scott

Linda Alice Mosby and Briddie Johnson Jr.

Susan Rachelle Elkins and Daniel Lee Eldridge

Sharon Lea Boggess and Randy Lynn Gray

Amy Sue Brookshire and Jesse Shane Lambert

Mary Leah R. Atkinson and Edwin Clay Brand

Whitney Dione Fooks and Vijay Saki Arulprakasam

Raelene Adriana Baker and Joshua Martin Kelly

Jean Elizabeth Dumphord and Allen Dale Christopher

Jessica Logan Crocker and Meng Zhang

Megan McCrae Short and Philip John Bowens

Amy Elizabeth Rubeling and Matthew Troy Kaper

Arsenia Mata and Luis Guillermo Lopez

Emily Soo Kim and Joseph Dale Rounsaville

Rachel Marie Terbot and Justin David Mueller

Dawn Michele Bland and Andrew John Lenzini

Robyn Renae Barrett and James Craig Richardson

Ashley Elizabeth Bohanon and Kristopher Adam Braun

Stacey Erin Collins and Daniel Patrick Franck

Katherine McDowell Gabbert and Derrek Lawrence Oechsli

Katherine Ellen Stapp and Benjamin David Ishmael

Tahana Shawnte Young and Marco Antonio Ramirez Negrete

Angela Denise Campbell and Arthur Louis Johnson

Kendall Hunt Elledge and Matthew Elliott Anderson

Margaret Lorraine Liles and Gregory Blaise Adams

Kayla Ann Robinette and Mitchell Ryan Sesco

Adriana Botello Espinoza and Josue Flores Cortes

Sharon Lynn Mitchell and Gerald Allen Glosson

Betty Jean Freeman and Johnny Dee Freeman

Latreece Dinae Cruse and Michael Antonio Roldan

Michaela Michelle Woolums and Simon Ocampo Neri

Amanda June White and Roburt Jamaal Pittman

Francisca Jordan Tarango and Aaron Morales Salazar

Dallyce Katherine Erickson and Matthew Lockwood Partymiller

Brittany Ann Dawson and William Thomas Shipman

Samantha Lee Reynolds and Michael Floyd Hack

Stephanie Lauryn Burchett and William Lee Blancet Jr.

Mary Elisabeth Lundquist and Lucas Martin Thomas

Angela Rose Gonzales and James Hamilton Wellham

Whitney Taylor Greer Stokes and William Gregory Sisson

Jacqueline Denise Quinn and Wayman Hightower Jr.

Maria Elena Hernandez Viera and Salvador Duran Chavarria

Lindsey Ann Brewer and James Anthony Freeman

Molly Ann Bruno and Eric Gibson Rice

Alexandria Dominique Larue Moss and Barry James Kimball

Elizabeth Marie Moughler and Justin Scott Peterson

Kelly Sue Gray and William Matthew Hart Jr.

Paige Papka Richardson and Travis Scott Walker

Michele Ann Walker and Timothy Scott Amos

Dawn Dettweiler Whalen and Joseph David Vanfleet

Jessica Don Smith and Casey Duane Bacon

Morgan Rebekah Suttles and Kurtis Jon Oetken

Stephanie Annette Davie and Keith Gregory Richie

Katherine Elizabeth Wall and Peter Sheehan

Eliza Catherine Stotts and Nicholas Stephen Bodkin

Nicole Kristin McClure and Scott Richard Cox

Michelle Lynn Ludwig and James Randolph Hodge

Amber Dawn Boozer and Brian Keith Rose

Melissa Jean Davidson and Oscar Sonny Begley

Megan Marie Garabrandt and Billy Joe Stone III

Janis Kay Owens and William Abbott Little

Ashley Elizabeth Barnes and Gregory Edward Randolph

Sable Leigh Floyd and Kyle J. Snyder

Emmalee Grace Walker and Jason Daniel Calia

Candice Renea Kidd and Matthew Dale Gray

Elizabeth Suzanne Pike and Craig Alan Chasen

Keiko Hashimoto and Ryan Robley Ketcham

Melinda Marie Nieto and Julian Basurto

April Marie Thurmond and Conor Helms Larkin

Laura Marsh Bell and David Ireland Beckett

Brittany Shea Hamilton and Bradley Scott Ison Doolin

Leah Rachel Seaton and Shea Andrew Moore

Whittney Sierra Johnson and Maurice Clay Garrard Jr.

Eugenia Chevon Griffith Davis and Alejandro Ramirez Sena

Anetta Denise Washington and Virgil Owens III

Leydi Lidia Leon Cruz and Rogelio Baldo Garcia

Megan Vanessa Webb and Logan Shane Bowling

Connie Lee Bryant and Lorenzo Soto Garcia