Education Notes: Jan. 26


Jane M. Kirschling, dean of the University of Kentucky College of Nursing, and Beth Partin, advanced practice registered nurse and alumna of the UK College of Nursing, were co-recipients of the 2010 Kentucky Nurses Association Nurse of the Year Award.

Kirschling has been a long-standing member of the American Nurses Association and a member of her state nurses association while living in Maine, New York, Oregon and now Kentucky. She has also served on the Board of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing as a director and as secretary, and she was recently elected president-elect of the AACN for 2012. Kirschling has represented the AACN as the ANA Congress of Nursing Practice and as a member of the AACN/Department of Veterans' Affairs Liaison Committee. Her national accomplishments include the completion of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellows Program in 2003, and she was inducted as a fellow into the American Academy of Nursing in 2009.

Dean at the UK College of Nursing since 2006, Kirschling implemented the Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice program in 2009, which is one of the first in the nation and the world.

Partin is in clinical practice as an APRN at Westlake Primary Care in Columbia. She has served several terms on the Kentucky Board of Nursing (KBN) and as a legislative liaison for the Kentucky Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives.

■ University of Kentucky art studio graduate student Natalie Baxter of Lexington has been awarded an Artist Enrichment Grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women to document the stories of women who have lived their lives in Appalachia.

The $1,000 grant presented to Baxter will fund a video, audio, and photography project. Baxter's work will provide an alternative to films about Appalachia focusing primarily on male coal miners.

Baxter, the daughter of Dr. Anthony and Lavenia Baxter, is a 2007 graduate of the University of the South, where she earned a bachelor's degree in studio art focusing on video and film production. Upon completing her graduate degree, Baxter wants to continue working in filmmaking.

■ Three students from Morton Middle School swept the 2011 Unity Breakfast essay contest, which was open to sixth-graders throughout Fayette County.

Their one-page essays were based on the theme "Unity: More than a concept — a community commitment." Julia Glenn was invited to read her entry Jan. 17 at Lexington's annual MLK Day breakfast.

Julia received a $500 U.S. savings bond for top honors. Austin Cooke was runner-up and received a $300 savings bond, and Maggie MacChesney finished third and got a $100 savings bond.

The contest was sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Alpha Beta Lambda Chapter Education Foundation.

■ Musicians from all five of Lexington's public high schools performed together as members of the 2011 KMEA District 7 Honor Band.

District 7 of the Kentucky Music Educators Association includes 19 high schools in Fayette and surrounding counties. The honor band will present a free concert between March 24-26. The time and location have not been determined.

More than 100 FCPS students were selected after auditions early this month.

The 2011 KMEA District 7 Honor Band includes: From Bryan Station High School, directed by Shaun Owens and Michael Payne: Concert band — Zachary Robinson, trumpet; Jamie Monck, snare. Symphonic band — Michael Robinson, clarinet; Micah Tatum, bass clarinet.

From Henry Clay High School, directed by Bill Kite and Jeff Bayerle: Concert band — Carolyn Clark, bassoon; James Piper, flute; Ginny Smith, clarinet; Kristin Darland, clarinet; Amanda Dixon, clarinet; Bangaly Savane, bass clarinet; Mindy Thomas, bass clarinet; Elliot Mawby, trumpet; Margaret Sumney, trumpet; Andrew Osborn, French horn; Clay Cox, trombone; Allen Moore, timpani. Symphonic band — Elise Edwards, flute; Jade Daughtery, clarinet; Lauren Keach, clarinet; Anna Kraemer, clarinet; Nathan Bush, alto saxophone; Daniel Polk, trumpet; Dylan Sarkisian, trumpet; Will Hjorth, trombone; Annie Summers, mallets.

From Lafayette High School, directed by Chuck Smith and Terry Magee:

Concert band — Marie Armbruster, oboe; Kaitlyn Greene, oboe; Rebecca Wilson, oboe; Hayley Collins, bassoon; Emily Rayens, flute; Melanie Burrier, flute; Emily Miller, flute; Denise Henault, clarinet; Jessica Abney, clarinet; Sarah Scott, clarinet; Katherine Etherton, clarinet; Maggie Boland, clarinet; Susanne Hoctor, bass clarinet; Jacob Slone, alto saxophone; Megan Davis, alto saxophone; Will Lovan, trumpet; Brian Shirley, trumpet; Jacie Thompson, trumpet; Ethan Smith, French horn; Dalton Hamilton, French horn; Grace Habermann, trombone; Callie Richeson, trombone; Coty Stiltner, trombone; Dylan Perraut, tuba. Symphonic band — Stella Sharpe, oboe; Meredith Burns, oboe; Sydnee Wedd, oboe; Turner Hawkins, bassoon; Chloe McIntosh, flute; Maria Kidd, clarinet; Andrew Burton, clarinet; Jacob Kaplan, clarinet; Ashley Hartz, clarinet; Karri Blanton, clarinet; Joseph Wrightson, alto saxophone; Jordan Evans, trumpet; Michael Balko, trumpet; Emily Wilson, French horn; Aaron Burns, French horn; Danny Alford, trombone; Dylan Matthews, trombone; Yuki Watanabe, trombone; Chris Baldani, baritone; Jeremy Duncan, baritone; George Summers, tuba; Tobee Hagerman, bass trombone.

From Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, directed by Jeff Hood and Brian Morgan:

Concert band — Sarah Smith, flute; Marcie Bosworth, clarinet; Erin Adkins, clarinet; Callie Fulerson, clarinet; C.J. Blair, tenor saxophone; Alexandra Arnold, trumpet; Kathryn White, trumpet; Robert Olesen, French horn; Mansi Parekh, French horn; Alex Galvan, trombone. Symphonic band — Spencer Pitts, bassoon; Tatum Isaacs, flute; Katie Thompson, flute; Maddie Greenwell, flute; Michelle Peregrim, clarinet; Youn Seon Han, clarinet; Aaron Hudson, bass clarinet; Leia Wedlund, trumpet; Robert Fay, trumpet; Nicolette Mullins, French horn; Yuki Inoue, trombone; Mitchell Slone, snare; Chris Will, snare.

From Tates Creek High School, directed by Dee Bishop and Aaron Cunningham:

Concert band — Daniel Cupp, trombone; John Durkin, baritone; Maurice Marshall, tuba; Evan Hammons, snare. Symphonic band — Allison Young, clarinet; Blaine Weiss, baritone saxophone; Diashamar Marshall, trumpet; Alex Gray, trumpet; Ashley Whaley, French horn; Coleman Pelfrey, tuba; Alex Ramsey, snare; Logan Delaney, snare; Jessica Delaney, mallets.