Lex-Care: Family needs money to move

Shannon Gordon, a social worker at the Senior Citizen Center, submitted both cases received at Lex-Care this week.

Her first case involves a married couple with two children. They need $483 to pay rent and deposit on an apartment they will rent.

The parents both worked until they became disabled. The family has been forced to move because the property they occupied has been condemned. They need assistance because they had already paid the rent for their current residence before the condemnation notice was received.

Income at this time is from the husband's Social Security disability benefits and food stamps. The wife has applied for disability benefits, which should be approved in the near future.

Widow needs help with gas bill

A widow who is disabled and living on a fixed income has turned to Gordon for guidance. She needs $625.41 to pay a past-due gas bill.

The woman managed a school cafeteria for more than 15 years, but had to stop working when she developed multiple sclerosis.

She has agreed to enter the gas company's budget plan to avoid any future bills she cannot afford. Her income at this time is from Social Security disability benefits.

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