Central Kentucky For The Record

Records are gathered from the county clerks' offices and from the Fayette County health department and area hospitals. Fayette County records appear weekly. Other counties appear biweekly. Contact Sally Scherer at


Central Baptist Hospital

Jan. 17: Luis Felipe and Rachel Johnson, Versailles, boy.

James and Lenora Pearcy, Lexington, girl.

James and Jessica Southworth, Georgetown, girl.

Jan. 18: Mark and Anna Marino, Lexington, girl.

Jonathan and Courtney Reed, Mount Sterling, boy.

Michael and Brittany Seidenfaden, Lawrenceburg, boy.

John and Leslie Shipley, Georgetown, boy.

Walter Speed and Priscilla McCann, Lexington, boy.

Matthew and Anne-Marie Tanner, Lexington, boy.

Joshua Tillery and Tabitha Florence, Paris, girl.

Benjamin and Marla Williams, Nicholasville, girl.

Jan. 19: Cedric Allen and Cara Covington, Lexington, boy.

Michael and Candace Brancato, Lexington, girl.

Mitchell III and Autumn Cole, Lexington, boy.

Earl and Stephanie Fugate, Lexington, boy.

Shane and Angela Rogers, McKee, boy.

Ivan Santizo and Devon Clines, Georgetown, boy.

Andrew and Trista Sharpeta, Nicholasville, boy.

Jeremy and Jody Warner, Lexington, boy.

Christin Hubbard, Nicholasville, girl.

Jan. 20: Charles and Ashley Abney, Lexington, girl.

Matthew and Joann Bailey, Cynthiana, girl.

Harumitsu and Emiko Goto, Lexington, girl.

Jeff Marcum and Alyssia Kirby, Clay City, boy.

Benjamin Mosher and Amber Meador, Nicholasville, girl.

Henry Nelson and Amber Kravis, Georgetown, boy.

Bhargavkumar and Payalben Sheth, Lexington, boy.

Ted and Jennifer West, Pine Knot, boy.

Adam and Stacey Wiseman, Lexington, girl.

Chemora Hayes, Lexington, girl.

Jan. 21: Kevin and Emily Collins, Georgetown, boy.

Nathan and Amanda Courtney, Cynthiana, boy.

Jeremy and Stephanie Hamm, Richmond, boy.

Aaron Henderson and Morgan Gott, Lexington, girl.

Barry Jackson Jr. and Diona Robinson, Lexington, girl.

Scott and Crystal Rose, Lexington, girl.

Aaron Rothgeb and Holly Carpenter, Stanford, boy.

Kevin Sr. and Jennifer Seaman, Lexington, girl.

Noah Tuttle and Ratisha Roberts, Irvine, boy.

Paul II and Tiffany Viars, Corbin, twin boy and girl.

Jan. 22: Brandon and Erin Hadfield, Lexington, girl.

Scott and Stacey Reeves, Lexington, boy.

Jesus Rodriquez and Dianna Brewer, Pine Ridge, boy.

Jessica Johnson, Lexington, boy.

Jan. 23: Mike Creech and Amanda Barnett, Lawrenceburg, girl.

Matthew and Stephanie Parker, Lexington, girl.

Jan. 24: Tony Christmas and Ashley Young, Lexington, girl.

Brian and Tina Frisby, West Liberty, boy.

Oscar Galvan and Amor Estrella Gonzalez, Paris, girl.

Noah and Elizabeth Gawlik, Lexington, girl.

Mikhael and Amanda Jones, Stamping Ground, girl.

John and Sarah Purvis, Georgetown, girl.

Graydon Sutherland and Jessica Mitchell, Nicholasville, girl.

Jan. 25: Serdar and Kelli Abadi, Lexington, boy.

Kristopher and Jennifer Clark, Lexington, boy.

Dallas and Amy Combs, Berea, girl.

Benjamin Dews and Rebecca Meece, Georgetown, girl.

Brandon Dobbins and Kendra Jones, Lexington, girl.

Cody and Amber North, Georgetown, boy.

Joseph and Janay Schultz, Lexington, girl.

Michael and Kristin Steele, Lexington, boy.

James and Amy Tincher, Berea, boy.

Wayne Wallace and Emma Dennis, Paris, boy.

Ashley Fontana, Georgetown, girl.

Women's Hospital at Saint Joseph East

Jan. 17: Jameson Parr and Cassie Combs, Ary, girl.

Jan. 18: Anthony and Shannon Cowden, Lexington, twin boys.

Dustin and Jessica Mattingly, Lexington, boy.

Blanton and Elizabeth Coates, Winchester, girl.

Angela Holbrook, Pine Ridge, girl.

Jason and Julia Williams, Wilmore, girl.

Rodney and Misty Clevenger, Richmond, girl.

Matthew and Sara Stout, Wilmore, girl.

Nathan and Rebecca Cooper, Richmond, girl.

Jan. 19: Gerald and Rebecca Rose, Campton, boy.

Jan. 20: David and Alexsandra Kirkwood, Winchester, boy.

Spencer and Amy Thomas, Richmond, boy.

Glenn and Tammy Adams, Lexington, girl.

Jan. 21: Christopher and Heather Richards, Elkhorn City, girl.

Jan. 22: Tiffany Gross, Jackson, girl.

Daniel and Melissa Truex, Richmond, girl.

Courtney Towels, Lexington, girl.

Jan. 23: Mikey and Deborah Wesley, Frenchburg, girl.

Jan. 24: Matthew and Ashley Cooper, Frenchburg, girl.

Jan. 25: Jonathon and Melissa Bevil, Wilmore, girl.

Nicholas McComber and Brittany Perkins, Lexington, boy.

Jan. 26: Andy and Debbie Piper, Lexington, boy.

John Morgan and Laura Hummel, Lexington, girl.

Bobbie Whitt, Lexington, boy.

Jan. 27: Mitchell and Shawna Goble, Lexington, boy.

marriage licenses

Andrea Lee Chatman and Patrick Kow Andoh.

Megan Blair Hale and Joshua Robert Hart.

Debra Lyn Munoz and Ricardo Navarro.

Christy A Skirchak and Ambrosio Medel Miguel.

Karen Lynn South and Mckinley Scott Clarke.

Lindsey Renee Williams and Norvile Dean Stogdill Jr.

Angela Denise Smith and Gary Edward Hudson.

Tammy Juaneva Price and Robert Merrill Washington Jr.

Ashley Anne Dickinson and Jeffrey Howell Mclemore.

Araceli Lacy and Pablo Lara Chalchi.

Whitnie Ann Bauer and Thomas Bryant Provinzano.

Susan Lynn Regan and Brad Allen Roy.


James Hague and Mary B. Hague.

Robert Keith McGeorge and Cindy Threadgill McGeorge.

Darien Curtis Wade and Pamela Jean Wade.

Gloria Denise Dampier and Ronald Clay Dampier.

Heather L. Worley and Jason Worley.

William Daniel Manning and Christina Manning.

Kristina Burleson Matheis and Joseph Mitchell Matheis.

Ginal Lee Davis-Lawson and James David Lawson.

Naquashir Mersha Williams and Demetrius Dion Williams.

Mera Corrine Disponett and Perry Wayne Disponett.

Elizabeth Ann Quinn and Billy Joe Quinn.

Donna F. Alnobani and Ahmad Alnobani.

Otis Brooks and Shanta M. Brooks.

Linda Helen Bundy and Dan K. Bundy.

Jeffery Lee Tingle and Maria Alvarado Mendez Tingle.

Cheryl Ann Jackson and Anthony Allen Jackson.

Robert Chestnut and Lillian Adams.

Shawnika Lashelle Hall and Ronnie Ramon Smith.

Misti Dawn Drury et al. and Galen Lee Drury.

Andrew M. Willis and Rebekah Lee Willis.



Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center

Jan. 17: James and Marquetta Mutuse, Richmond, boy.

Christophre Pattison and Rebecca Neese, Richmond, boy.

Jan. 18: Christopher and Richelle Phillips, Berea, girl.

Clinton Trussell and Ann Isaacs, Berea, girl.

Jan. 19: Ernest Laug and Amanda Whittamore, Richmond, girl.

Trent Edwards and Stephanie Wells, Richmond, girl.

Jan. 20: Allen McKinney and Rachel Burns, Richmond, girl.

Charles Neal and Paula Dean, Waco, girl.

Jan. 21: Daniel and Sarah Hall, Richmond, girl.

Tyler Strunk and Beverly Miller, Mt. Vernon, girl.

Jan. 24: Robert and Lincoln Alexander, Mt. Vernon, girl.

Jonathan and Courtney Worley, Irvine, girl.