Education Notes

Awards and honors

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School and Sayre School dominated their districts in the opening round of the 2011 Governor's Cup high school competitions, which concluded Jan. 29.

In District 43, team results were, in order of finish: Sayre, Henry Clay, Lexington Catholic, Lafayette and Bryan Station.

In District 44, team results were, in order of finish: Dunbar, West Jessamine, Tates Creek, Lexington Christian and East Jessamine.

The Governor's Cup was founded in 1986 as a way to promote and reward outstanding achievement. Kentucky's premier academic competition, it consists of five written assessment exams, composition (on-demand writing), future problem-solving and quick recall (also known as quiz bowl).

The next round, regional competitions, are Feb. 15 and 19 at sites across the state; and the state finals are March 12 to 14 in Lexington.

Individual competition results were as follows, in order of finish:

District 43

Quick recall: Sayre, Henry Clay, Lafayette, Lexington Catholic.

Future problem solving: Lexington Catholic.

Mathematics: Jeremy Bradford, Henry Clay; Adam Suhl, Sayre; Ben Brown, Lafayette; Evan Castle, Lafayette; Gabriel Ambruso, Sayre.

Science: Adam Suhl, Sayre; Evan Castle, Lafayette; Jeremy Bradford, Henry Clay; Barrett Block, Henry Clay; Rick Gammill, Sayre.

Composition: Kat Starcevic, Lexington Catholic; Kathleen Fitzgerald, Lafayette; Annie Ahmed, Sayre; William Fritz, Henry Clay; Delaney Gibbs, Sayre.

Social studies: Will Pagan, Sayre; Matthew Thornton, Lafayette; Mason Hill, Sayre; John Arotounian, Henry Clay; Greg Myers, Henry Clay.

Language arts: Cullen Smith, Henry Clay; Erika Russ, Lexington Catholic; Claire Simon, Sayre; Lexie Reece, Henry Clay; Alex Wilcox, Sayre.

Arts and humanities: Erika Russ, Lexington Catholic; Zach Atwell, Henry Clay; Barrett Block, Henry Clay; Mason Hill, Sayre; Jeremy Robison, Henry Clay.

Hume Sportsmanship Award: Lexington Catholic.

District 44

Quick recall: Dunbar, West Jessamine, Tates Creek, Lexington Christian.

Future problem solving: Dunbar and West Jessamine.

Mathematics: Valerie Sarge, Dunbar; Kareem Omar, West Jessamine; Idrees Kahloon, Dunbar; Vania Ma, Dunbar; Michael Druggan, Tates Creek.

Science: Jay Li, Dunbar; Michael Druggan, Tates Creek; Samuel Dong, Dunbar; Jacob Ingram, West Jessamine; Valerie Sarge, Dunbar.

Composition: Julie Graf, Dunbar; Danielle Wilson, Tates Creek; Catherine Graham, West Jessamine; Hannah Sayre, East Jessamine; Isaiah Estes, West Jessamine.

Social studies: Sandy Huang, Dunbar; Grant Boggess, Dunbar; John Luan, Dunbar; Nolan Phillips, Tates Creek; David Roach, Lexington Christian.

Language arts: Victor Macrinici, Dunbar; Idrees Kahloon, Dunbar; Vania Ma, Dunbar; Casey Means, Tates Creek; Nolan Phillips, Tates Creek.

Arts and humanities: Helen Fu, Dunbar; Victor Macrinici, Dunbar; Athena Kern, Dunbar; Noah Dixon, West Jessamine; Jasmine Wiggington, Tates Creek.

Hume Sportsmanship Award: Lexington Christian.

■ Math-letes Elaine Lin of Beaumont Middle School and Kathleen Yang of Winburn Middle School logged two of the three perfect scores in Kentucky on the latest AMC 8.

Roughly 153,000 middle school students in dozens of countries take the American Mathematics Competitions exam each fall, vying for local and national awards. The contest aims to spur interest in math and develop talent in a timed format.

Top scorers from Fayette County Public Schools on the Nov. 16 exam were:

Beaumont Middle: Elaine Lin, perfect score, first; Sahil Nair, second; Robert Prince, third. They were coached by Jerry Broyles and Curtis Wall.

Lexington Traditional Magnet: Angeline He, first; William Walter, and Eric Xiong, tied second; Alice Li, third, honor roll; Tapas Parikh, honor roll. They were coached by Keith Durham and Bobbie Grant.

From Winburn Middle: Kathleen Yang, perfect score, first; Angela Tseng, second; Theodore Livas, third; Ronit Kar, achievement roll; Amy Wang, achievement roll. They were coached by Dan Jenkins.

For more information about the AMC 8, e-mail Natalee Feese, the district's middle and high school math content specialist, at or call (859) 381-4238.


Patrick J. McNamara, chair of the department of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy, has been appointed senior associate dean of the college.

In this new position, McNamara will serve as chief operating officer for the college, managing academic and administrative functions and assisting Dean Tim Tracy as requested. He also will provide oversight of the college graduate education and research missions.

McNamara served as interim dean of the college from May 2009 to August 2010. He joined UK's faculty in 1980.

Dr. James Norton has been appointed associate dean for educational engagement at the UK College of Medicine.

Norton will be responsible for managing the medical school's educational activities beyond the Lexington campus, spanning the continuum of education from health career pipeline efforts to continuing medical education. In this role, he will oversee the Rural Physician Leadership Program's regional clinical education sites in Morehead and Murray, providing general supervision, strategic planning guidance and public advocacy.

Norton previously served as associate dean for AHEC and community outreach.