Why forecasters become fan favorites

T.G. Shuck, left, and Bill Meck
T.G. Shuck, left, and Bill Meck

It's a love that's unexplainable.

Whether right or wrong in their forecasts, local meteorologists who predict the snowstorms and the heat waves have a way of finding a special place in many viewers' hearts.

And in honor of the month of love, the Herald-Leader is catching up with your favorites from the past. But first, two of Lexington's faves share why they think their audience loves them so.

WLEX's Bill Meck said the love affair he has with viewers might be linked to anything from longevity — in the case of his 12 years — to the fact that he and his brethren are "a bright, entertaining spot in an otherwise fairly negative environment."

They also share their own personalities and tales more than reporters or anchors, all of which resonates with viewers who feel as if they're part of their families.

When WKYT's T.G. Shuck suffered complications from an appendectomy in 2009, he was "amazed by the outpouring of support through cards and e-mails."

It might just come down to the subject matter, too.

"The person you see enjoying talking about the weather on TV is the exact same person you'd see in a restaurant, mall or at a ball game enjoying talking about the weather," Meck said. "And everybody talks about the weather. It's the one thing we all have in common."

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