Central Kentucky For The Record

Records are gathered from the county clerks' offices and from the Fayette County health department and area hospitals. Fayette County records appear weekly. Other counties appear biweekly. Contact Sally Scherer at


Central Baptist Hospital

Jan. 31: Richard Hush and Heather Miller, Nicholasville, boy.

Ronald and Cheryl Johnston, Lexington, boy.

Sandesh Patil and Ashley Norvell, London, girl.

Feb. 1: Tyler Allison and Leah Young, Lexington, girl.

Daniel Burnett and Scarlett Wells, Nicholasville, girl.

Adrian Doleman and Jennifer Fraker, Lexington, boy.

Aaron and Kara Roessler, Parksville, boy.

Brad and Amanda Wands, Georgetown, girl.

Steven and Lena Wascher, Georgetown, boy.

Maegan Hambrick, Lexington, girl.

Melissa Roseberry, Lexington, girl.

Feb. 2: Christopher and Evva Allen, Lexington, girl.

Jesse Burton and Jessie LaPointe, Georgetown, girl.

Kasey and Kelly Chriswell, Harrodsburg, twin boys.

Michael and Ashleigh Cobb, Carlisle, girl.

Jorge Concepcion-Macias and Legna Torado-Rodriguez, Lexington, boy.

Jody Damron and Rene Kriek, Georgetown, boy.

Nicklas and Chandra Landers, Frankfort, girl.

Sean and Jenna O'Dwyer, Lexington, boy.

William and Amanda Turner, Campton, boy.

Justin and Brandi Upton, Lexington, boy.

David and Amy Wright, Georgetown, girl.

Feb. 3: Colin Allen and Vanessa Wade, Lexington, girl.

Tony and Stacy Davis, Richmond, twin girls.

Steven Hardin and Leah Batten, Lexington, girl.

Delzie Kelly and Teresa Brockman, Richmond, boy.

Kaz McKinney and Ashley Hudson, Lexington, girl.

Kendall and Latonia Summers, Lexington, girl.

Jason and Brittany Taylor, Lancaster, boy.

Paul and Amanda Thorpe, Lexington, boy.

Pearl and Angela White, Manchester, boy.

Siobahn Carter, Lexington, girl.

Feb. 4: Michael and Crystal Ard, Lexington, boy.

Roosevelt III and Kristi Blackford, Harrodsburg, boy.

Andrew and Paige Carlson, Lexington, girl.

Derrick and Amanda Elliott, West Liberty, girl.

Christopher and Casi Mendenhall, Lexington, girl.

Anthony and Kerri Neff, Lexington, girl.

Thomas and Krista Rowe, Salyersville, girl.

Kyle and Lara Thompson, Frankfort, boy.

Jeff and Tiffany Wege, Burlington, girl.

Jason and Kathleen Young, Lexington, girl.

Feb. 5: Joseph Ash and Victoria Everman, Harrodsburg, girl.

Feb. 6: Lincoln and Anita Spence, Owsley, girl.

Feb. 7: Jamie Altamirano and Elisha Christopher, Irvine, boy.

Steven and Kelley Burchell, Lexington, boy.

Matthew and Dara Ethington, Nicholasville, boy.

Jess and Samantha Hatton, Lexington, boy.

Jason Kaminski and Jennifer Edwards, Lexington, boy.

Anthony and Samantha Miller, Lexington, boy.

Feb. 8: John Hinds and Jessica Soper, Lexington, girl.

Brady and Shay Johnston, Nicholasville, boy.

Aaron Knowles and Rachionne Green, Lexington, boy.

Justin and Dara Merrill, Maysville, boy.

Cory Morris and Aimee Boyer, Nicholasville, boy.

Samuel and Ashley Norris, Paris, boy.

Robert Jr. and April Ritchey, Lexington, boy.


Terri Stith Peach and Donald F. Peach.

Sara Marie Charles and Serge Charles.

Kristina Kay Gobb and Michael Arthur Gobb.

Tracy Lynn Reffett and Michael Ryan Reffett.

Stephanie Ball Jobes and Steven Jobes.

Ana Jessica Hammonds and Cameron Stacy Louis Hammonds.

Melaine Rae Miller and Joseph Randall Miller II.

Amy Lynn Lewis and Lonnie Lee Lewis.

Robin Lynn Newton and David Carter Newton.

William Clifton Abel Jr. and Kimberly Renee Abel.

Bobby Wayne Covert and Carmen Covert.

Kassandra Claudette Norman and James Douglas Norman.

Amy L. Holder and Brandon H. Holder.

William Daniel Manning and Christina Manning.

Sandra Leigh Brandon and Kelly Wayne Brandon.

Robert Leo Richards Jr. and Danielle Claire Richards.

Emily Jean Parrish and Dwight Hagan McCaraty.


American General Finance Inc. vs. Doris Warfield for $4,326 etc., claimed due on a contract.

Anthony John Lewis Conley vs. Select Specialty Hospital for an undetermined amount etc., for alleged injury.

Appliance Distributors vs. JTM Holdings LLC for $18,010 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Arnold Ransby vs. Benjamin Fowler et al. for an undetermined amount etc. claimed due on a contract.

Asset Acceptance LLC vs. Timothy R. Wallace for $8,471 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Aurora Loans Services LLC vs. Kristie Lalonde et al. for $239,785 etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

BAC Home Loans Servicing vs. the following, for amounts claimed due on contracts:

■ Wanda Sorrell estate for $74,202 etc.

■ Larry Miller for $36,722 etc.

Bank of New York Mellon vs. Alex Crume et al. for $70,408 etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Barry McFadden vs. Mary Scott et al. for an undetermined amount etc. for alleged property damage.

Board of Education of Fayette Co. vs. Hargett Corporation & Larry Hargett for $4,052 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Board of Pensions of the Kentucky Annual conference of the Methodist Church vs. Stephen David Rhodus for an undetermined amount etc. claimed due on a contract.

Brian Dodge et al. vs. David Whitson et al. for an undetermined amount etc. claimed due on a contract.

Cach LLC vs. the following, for amounts claimed due on contracts:

■ Maurice Pollard for $14,825 etc.

■ Mark Roozen for $23,691 etc.

Capital One Bank vs. the following, for amounts claimed due on contracts:

■ Kathi Simpson for $9,317 etc.

■ Sandra J. Pierce for $5,525 etc.

■ Carl E. Heltzel for $4,017 etc.

■ Genevieve Packer for $11,933 etc.

■ Ronald J. Sandoval for $4,195 etc.

■ Huey D. Simpson for $4,037 etc.

Central Kentucky Management Services Inc. vs. the following, for amounts claimed due on contracts:

■ Nancy K. Martin for $29,827 etc.

■ Amanda C. Westerfield for $15,601 etc.

■ Bruce D. Roberts for $7,834 etc.

■ Ronnie Burton for $5,592 etc.

■ James R. Shouse for $5,213 etc.

■ Everett G. Stone for $43,492 etc.

■ Joseph Anthony Brown for $4,684 etc.

■ David W. Sparrow for $8,393 etc.

■ George Hill et al. for $12,246 etc.

Central Ohio Credit Corp. vs. Duane M. Smith, et al. for $9,097 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Chamption Preferred Auto Sales Inc. vs. Lisa Cornett for $5,144 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Chase Bank vs. the following, for amounts claimed due on contracts:

■ Charles J. Balles Jr. for $21,837 etc.

■ Philip D. Rowe for $10,687 etc.

■ Michaela L. Stanley for $5,870 etc.

■ Karin Pekarchik for $22,127 etc.

■ Jackie Lee for $17,300 etc.

■ Joni S. Watts for $11,002 etc.

Chase Home Finance LLC vs. the following, for amounts claimed due on mortgages:

■ Darra L. Hofman et al. for $115,162 etc.

■ Larry W. Sumpter, et al. for $80,117 etc.

CitiMortgage Inc. vs. Charles A. Mulligan, et al. for $109,559 etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Community Trust Bank vs. Ryan McGovern for $9,403 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company vs. the following for amounts claimed due on mortgages:

■ Andree C. Hunt et al. for $293,131 etc.

■ Michael C. Walden et al. for $86,626 etc.

Elite Machining Services LLC vs. Drill Cuttings Disposal Co. LLC for $19,972 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Everbank vs. Thomas Herschelman for $152,700 etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Feeback Printing & Mailing Service Inc. vs. Robert Johns for $10,000 etc. claimed due on a contract.

FIA Card Services NA vs. the following, for amounts claimed due on contracts:

■ Sead Delic for $16,935 etc.

■ Timothy K. Wasik for $16,831 etc.

■ Traci C. Dunn $31,026 etc.

Financial Freedom Acquisition LLC vs. Pornell Allen estate, et al. for $58,207 etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

First Horizon Home Loans vs. James R. Kinney et al. for $45,167 etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Household Finance Corporation II vs. Albert B. Lee Jr. et al. for $108,471 etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Jason Amick vs. Tina Fell for an undetermined amount etc., for alleged injury.

Joyce Tacker vs. Lowe's Home Center Inc. for an undetermined amount etc., for alleged injury.

Julie Harrod & Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co. vs. Andrea Hampton for $12,881 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Kenneth Vanwyckhouse vs. Kentucky Christian Senior Housing et al. for an undetermined amount etc., for alleged injury.

Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. vs. Bendrea Wilson et al. for $20,052 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Kentucky Housing Corporation vs. Giovanna E. Hidalgo nka Giovanna E. Hale for $50,595 etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Lexington Fayette Urban Co. Government vs. the following, for amounts claimed due on contracts:

■ Edward F. Streit Trust et al. for $7,155 etc.

■ David & Coffman PLLC for $6,872 etc.

Members Heritage Federal Credit Union vs. Paul Felice for $9,153 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Palomar Hills Community vs. Earlene Morgan Green for $5,898 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Patsy Howard vs. Mid-America Apartment Communities Inc. for an undetermined amount etc., for alleged injury.

Paul C. Little vs. FUGA WE LLC dba Squires Tavern for an undetermined amount etc., for alleged injury.

Peoples Bank & Trust Co. vs. George C. Bryant for $244,352 etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Pierson-Trapp Co. LLC vs. L Citi LLC et al. for an undetermined amount etc. claimed due on a contract.

PNC Bank vs. Anthony J. Hobbs, et al. for $52,363 etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Porfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Tressa Cornell for $4,120 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Prestige Healthcare vs. Beatrice Hocker for $12,771 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Samuel J. Mullins vs. Paul R. Haney, et al. for an undetermined amount etc., for alleged injury.

Shield Environmental Associates Inc. vs. Quentin Yeager, dba Environmental & Safety Management for $5,903 etc. claimed due on a contract.

State Farm Insurance Co., Lonnie Conley vs. William G. Brewer for $6,493 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Susan F. Wright vs. Bruce A. Lockhart for an undetermined amount etc., for alleged injury.

Town & Country Leasing vs. Sujlo Hadzic for $33,751 etc. claimed due on a contract.

Wells Fargo Bank vs. Angela Kay Compton et al. for $113,515 etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Wells Fargo Financial Kentucky Inc. vs. Julie Tyler et al. for $104,647 etc. claimed due on a mortgage.


marriage licenses

Regina Elizalde and Robert Eugene Griffith Jr.

Jennifer Marie Barron and James Ray Pridemore Jr.

Jill Nicole Baldwin and Gregory Colt Messer.

Tabitha Lynn Francis and Brett Jeremy Francis.

Jessica Gayle Smith and Nathan Clayton Peel.

Ann Camille Brummette and William Scott Latham.

Christina Lynn Cordell and David Michael Crawford.

Linda Rose Church and Ronald E. McElroy.

Stephanie Renea Smith and Jeremy Scott Montgomery.

Eva Cheryl Hampton and Wade Couch.

Alicia Carmen Pina and David Allen Black II.

Marlena Kay Murphy and Mervil Spencer Jr.

Katie Leone Spaan and Matthew Moore Clark.

Alma Florence Blake and James O'Neil Cornett Jr.

Amber Renea Hall and William Codie Baker.

Belen Marie Slone and Wesley Allen Cravens Jr.

Deloris Mae Corey and Cecil Gayhart.

Gloria Ann Cole and Gregory James Sigountos.

Donna Sue Smith and Stuart Chad Goodan.

Tara Beth Butcher and Paul Michael Warnott.

Ashley Marie Gore and James Michael Locker.

Linda Douglas Kyle and David Alan Olson.

Jennifer Lucila Caballero and Dillon Lee Whittaker.

Amber Lynn Plowman and Czackery Paul Roe.

Cherise Loraine Cramer and Junior George Waugh.

Cassandra Marie Woodall and Jordan Kent Peel.

Crystal Gayle Courtney and Duane Neil Kelley.

Ginger Lorrann Wilson and Jonathan Christopher Frick.

Sari Yvonne Liggett and Kofi Owusu Afriyie Darko-Mensah.

Susan Hughes Dickerson and Jay Franklin Prentice.

Shera Dawn Moran and Michael Brent Cairel.

April Dawn Gordon and Harvey Dale Pennington.

Chasity Nicole Street and Dillard Douglas Caudill.

Rachel Nicole Taylor and John Wesley Shanks.

Katherine Denise Rayborn and Michael Gene Hurst.

Melissa Lynn Peters and Francis Paul Tubbs.

Glenis Ellen Boone and Darryl Richard Freed.

Bertha Luanne Bussell and Robert Lee Perkins.


Melinda Workman and Jeremy Workman.

Deborah Jean Taylor and David Thomas Taylor.

Daniel R. Sowder and Rebecca Sowder.

William Haas Jr. and Meloney Haas.

Leah Gard and Nicholas J. Peters.

Teresa Ann Kindred and Scott Andrew Kindred.

Emmitt B. Gabbard Jr. and Teresa A. Gabbard.

Cynthia Williams and John Jason Williams.

Adrian Gene Mason and Debra L. Compton.

Kemneth Ray Tackett and Veronica Tackett.

Donna M. Smith and Ricky M. Smith.

Leesa T. Stump and Kenneth Stump.

Tony-Clyston Napier and Suzanne Napier.

Dillard Douglas Caudill and Debra Ann Caudill.

Hugh Long and Yvonne G. Long.

Laura C. Kelly and Donald K. Kelly.

Aaron Dobson Russell Cobb and Emily Lauren Rice Cobb.

Monica Kirby and Duane Kirby.

Stacy Lynn Preece and Phillip Logan Preece.

Brittany Nichole Smith and Tyler Ross Smith.

Elisha Dawn Abney and Brandon Lee Newmyer.

Michael Lee Bain and Nancy Charleen Bain.



Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center

Feb. 2: Jonathan Bernard and Ashley Barnes, Irvine, girl.

Jonathan and Mary Wheatley, Berea, boy.

Steven Woolery and Keisha Adams, Irvine, boy.

Feb. 3: Matthew and Kirsta Stinnett, Mt. Vernon, boy.

Feb: 4: Darren and Vanessa Day, Annville, boy.

marriage licenses

Chelsea E. Margle and Michael A. Rose.

Cassandra M. Humes and Franklin K. Baker.

Kate A. Carter and Stephen D. Sparks.

Amber M. Masters and Charles C. Williams.

Amanda M. Davidson and Gary L. Hisle Jr.

Donna J. Gentry and Arthur E. Redbrook Jr.

Tammy R. Sparks and James B. Sparks.

Edwina M. Lemay and Roger D. Beagle.

Jamie C. Bowling and Michael W. Chasteen.

Kayla M. Hurt and Johnathen E. Kwarciany.

Jennifer S. Chalin and Gregory K. Ferrell.

April L. Harris and Joe L. Robinson Jr.

Tomi E. Mullins and Jerry R. Smith.

Savanna Rose Summers and Harold A. Carroll.

Megan E. Van and Adam D. Warren.

Kayla Estep and Shane D. Slone.

Ana Megrelishvili and Justin Lee Cornelison.

Edith A. Hensley and William T. Harris.

Jaime D. Moore and Gary S. Morris.

Eva G. Ratliff and Wade Coffey.

Melissa Marie Hornacek and Douglas Bain Thwaites.

Ciara C. Isaacs and Dustin W. Armentrout.

Amber M. Surbeck and Joshua D. Philpot.

Barbara Lynn Hensley and Ron'dal Roy Alexander.

Heather R. Anderson and Corey S. Bowling.

Marybeth Stokley and Jessy R. Register.

Janie R. Bingham and Michael A. Penix.

Chelsea M. Lewis and Wayne A. Heath III.

Hannah Z. McFarland and Paul C. Poynter.

Chelsea E. Whited and Gary A. Pickle.

Amanda S. Martin and Dakota I. McWhorter.

Ashley M. Thacker and Christopher D. Christman.

Heather M. Jones and Nathan G. Johnson.

Joann N. Smith and David W. Smith.

Amanda M. Bishop and Christopher M. Golden.

Jessica L. Wright and Jarrod L. Wilder.

Chong O. Stewart and Paul D. Stewart.

Lorna F. Kelly and Michael W. Lunsford.

Amy C. Deyoung and Jonathan G. Justen.

Heather N. Byers and Michael R. Ping.

Amanda E. Beers and Shayne A. Detweiler.

Amber M. Cole and Joshua D. Alexander.

Billie J. McWhorter and Harlan D. Gilbert.

Amanda Fuson and Anthony W. Cornelison.

Connie L. Patrick and John C. Hall.

Regina Isaacs and Timothy C. Tudor.

Heather I. Whitehead and Juan J. Alarcon.

Wendy L. May and Steven W. Abner.

Debra E. Divine and Gary D. Lamb.

Whitney J. Moore and Brandon A. Smith.

Savannah D. Burns and Robert E. Samples.

Gwendolyn A. Searcy and Leroy A. Ballew.

Megan N. Rose and Shannon E. Madden .


Carmen Nichole Cartee and Garrett Dale Hatch.

Justin Stacy and Wendy L. Stacy.

Harold Antonio Carroll and Alaina Marie Carroll.

David Scott Roberts and Laurie Ellen Roberts.

Carla Nicole Mills and Michael Kristopher Mills.

Regina Pearson and Will Pearson.

James Curtis and Shanna Perino.

Kathleen Faye Wesley and Lee Roy Wesley.

Cathy Morgan and Mark P. Morgan.

Carolee McKinney and Eugene C. McKinney.

Amanda Spivey and Kevin Spivey.

James Robinson Sr. and Michelle Robinson.

Jessica Agee and Larry Agee.

William Chadwick Merritt and Julia Ann Merritt.

Felisha Cain and Kenton Cain.

Heather Williamson and Robert Williamson II.

Joyce Ann Day and Michael Shane Day.

Rose Laurie A. Gentry and Carl W. Gentry.

Robin Renee Spalding and Adrian Alan Spalding.

Peggy Lynn Stewart and William Stewart.

Linda Sue Phillips and Gary Wayne Phillips.

Rebecca Lee Lemaster Collins and Edward Dwayne Collins.

Kathleen Schauger and Earl Creech.

Pamela Renee Williamson and Daniel Allen Williamson.

Savannah Baker and Patrick Baker.

Homer Patrick Worley and Venessa Worley-Coner.

Shannon Renee Cole and Merrow Ernest-Kenneth Cole.

Lynn Whittaker Barnes and William Joseph Barnes.

Rodger Darrell Sharp Sr. and Karen Sue Borders Sharp.

Vincent Robinson and Tammy Robinson.

Rodney D. Conner and Rebecca L. Conner.

Daniel Thomas Abney and Tammy Lynn Abney.

Christine Deann Roe and Jonathan Stewart Roe.

Jennifer Pingleton and Perry Allen Pingleton.

Casey D. Marcum and James A. Marcum.

Diana Mansfield and Michael Mansfield.

Kimberly Anne Coffey and Mark Wayne Coffey.

Virginia Jean Miller and Jon Erskin Miller.

Norman Houston Robinson and Helen Marie Robinson.

John R. Rowland and Jessica A. Rowland.

Lorie D. Bloss and Christopher D. Bloss.

Christina L. Collins and Gary D. Collins Jr.

Stacy J. Wills and Rodney E. Wills.

Lisa Gail Grant Wilburn and David Eugene Wilburn.

Ronald Fiske and Heather Fiske.

Aimee Lynn Artigas Sutton and Michael James Sutton.

Christopher Kerry Mize and Sonda Kaye Mize.

Billy Sexton Jr. and Barbara Lorraine Sexton.

Quinn Jason Brumbeck and Tina Marie Brumbeck.

Devoe Williams Stephens and Cassandra Williams Stephens.

Thomas L. Thompson and Christine K. Thompson.

Jonathan Kelley and Crystal Suzanne Kelley.

Darren Cook and Christy Cook.

Helen Karen Hopkins and Mac W. Hopkins.


marriage licenses

Jennifer Barnhisel Stilwell and Nicholas Wayne Cook.

Sarah Elizabeth DiPonio and Andres Padilla.

Erika Leigh Vossler and Wesley Aaron Sullens.

Kelly Ann Eckert and Nicholas Zachary Furr.

Tiffany Nicole Pellman and Alvino Moreno.

Jessica Ann Hood and Steve Dale Abbott Jr.

Becky Lynn Thomas and David Thomas Meyers.

Allison Noel Jones and Robert Allen Bowman.

Sarah Janee Stanfield and Kent Raymond Taylor.

Phyllis Lee McSpadden and Mont Raymond Huff.

Jessica Ashley Burch and Matthew Joseph Hogan.

Pamala Hope Ritchie and Brian James Axon.

Angela Lynn Sims and Jeff Daniel Hamill.


Mindy M. Gillespie and John T. Gillespie.

Kayla Leann May Alcorn and Keith Adam Alcorn.

Patricia J. Brown and John Dwaine Brown.

James M. Sills and Charlotte A. Sills.

Herbert Charles Medley and Beulah Smith-Medley.

Sharon Rose Brown and Dale Lee Brown.

Jeffrey Dewayne Shouse and Jennifer Appollos Shouse.

Maureeda L. Wright-Stafford and Garry Douglas Stafford.

Jacquelyn Gregory Mitchell and Dustin Robert Mitchell.