Education notes: May 11


■ Twenty-nine teams from Fayette County Public Schools participated in this year's STLP RCX regional robotics competition, hosted by Georgetown College.

The Northern Knights of Northern Elementary won the elementary division, and the LTMS Blackcats from Lexington Traditional Magnet School won the middle school division.

The teams advance to the Student Technology Leadership Program's state robotics competition May 13 at Rupp Arena.

The Northern team, coached by Jerry Whitson and Laura Checa, included Alex Clark, Ashley James, Fabian Martinez and Rene Salgado.

The LTMS team, coached by Robbie Randall and Jerry Whitson, included Reagan Prater, Cassidy Kemplin, Zach Mink, Lydia Duncan and Austin Whitson.

■ Fifteen area high school seniors are among Kentucky's 34 winners of $2,500 awards from the National Merit Scholarship Corp. Nationwide, 2,500 students were the finalists judged to have the strongest combination of accomplishments, skills and potential for success in rigorous college studies.

Henry Clay High School: John Aroutiounian, Jeremy Bradford, Connor Callaway, Madeline Mooney, Jesse Rae Staben, Christopher Thompson, James Wang.

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School: Timothy Cui, Arunita Kar, Jay Li, Victor Macrinici, Paul Parell, Lawrence Rogers.

Trinity Christian Academy: Beth J. Buress. Model Laboratory School, Richmond: Sara E. Loy.

■ "Debate and Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures and Consequences," was the theme of the 2011 Kentucky History Day competition, part of the Kentucky Junior Historical Society's conference April 29-30 in Frankfort.

In yearlong projects, students analyzed the historical significance of the topic and then presented conclusions in dramatic performances, imaginative exhibits, multimedia documentaries, Web sites and research papers.

The following are results from Fayette County Public Schools: Junior division (grades 6-8):

Research paper, first place: Eric Lowry, Winburn Middle School, "Ping Pong Diplomacy: Successes and Failures."

Individual Web site, first place: Daniel Ma, Winburn, "Treaty of Versailles: Peace Treaty or War Instigator?"; runner-up: Anne Marie Coriale, Winburn, "Japan, USA, and the Atomic Bomb: Tactic or Tragic?"

Group Web site, first place: Kaylyn Torkelson and Jasa Harris, Winburn, "A Fearless Indomitable Womanhood, A Fearless Indomitable Race."

Individual exhibit, first place: Julia Wilson, Winburn, "Giving Women a Voice."

Group exhibit, first place: Janet Guo, Ji-Hae Kim, Jasmine Liu, Saikeerthi Naidu and Samantha McGehee, Winburn, "Less is more, or is it?"; runner-up: Jonathan Tungate, Karl Werner, R.G. Humphreys and Garrett Uebelhor, Winburn, "Bottoms Up."

Group performance, runner-up: Brianna Mayo and Dimitri Leggas, Winburn, "Language is a Tool to Conceal the Truth."

Individual documentary, first place: Jacob Ferguson, Winburn, "The Treaty of Versailles: When Diplomacy Failed." Group documentary, first place: Ben Gardner and Andrew Tapia, Winburn, "Pearl Harbor: Causes and Consequences."

Best Exhibit Design: Avery Brown, Caleb Combs and Joshua Strange, Winburn.

Best Women's History Project: Anya Slepyan and Cameron Walton, Winburn.

Senior division (grades 9-12): Individual Web site, first place: Elizabeth Minor, Henry Clay High School, "Henry Clay: Saving the Nation."

Individual exhibit, first place: Nia Johnson, Tates Creek High School, "Freedom's Cry: The Debate on Aid to Camp Nelson Refugees."

■ Based on their scores on the SAT reasoning test or the ACT college entrance exam, more than half of the Fayette County Public Schools seventh-graders who participated in the latest Duke University talent search have qualified for grand or state recognition.

Advanced testing through Duke's Talent Identification Program provides families a clearer understanding of where a student stands in relation to gifted peers and what level of challenge is appropriate. Duke also provides participants with information about their abilities and introduces them to a network of services and educational programs.

Students with the highest TIP scores in Duke's 16-state region are invited to the 2011 grand recognition ceremony, May 23 in Durham, N.C.

The highest-scoring seventh-graders earned scores equal to or better than 90 percent of college-bound seniors who took the same tests.

This year's Kentucky statewide recognition ceremony is May 27 at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green.

Seventeen students from Fayette schools qualified for grand honors, and 140 for state recognition. A total of 294 students participated in the testing.

Elementary students applied for Duke TIP's fourth- and fifth-grade talent search based on their national standardized test scores. Eligibility for enrollment indicates outstanding intellectual ability. Participants will receive stimulating and challenging opportunities through online lessons, publications, contests, the Duke TIP Book Club and an optional above-level testing experience, the Explore test.

The following are participants from Fayette County Public Schools:

Ashland, fourth grade: Peter Brant, Griffin Coates, Gloria Dietz and Grant Walles. Athens-Chilesburg, fourth grade: Kathleen Joseph. Cassidy, fourth grade: Mary Boyle, Grace Branchini, Clayton Brumley, Anne Douglas Chambers, Nicholas Clark, Catherine Clay, Caroline Dzenitis, Sebastien Geroli, Alexus Hatfield, Sara Helmers, Joshua Lane, Julia Lawson, Brian Rinker Jr., William Stiefel, Glynn Lauren Townes and Lauren Walker; fifth grade: Caroline Couch, William Feese, Michael Hawse, Sarah Hughes, Ramsey Marshall, Lauren Napier and Jonathan Quevedo Diaz. Garden Springs, fourth grade: Phoenix Beck, Jason Law, Allen Mundok, Andrew Roberts and Jenna Woolums. Liberty, fourth grade: Kaylea Fisher. Maxwell, fourth grade: John Funk, Marilyn Kessinger and Sophia Zhang. Meadowthorpe, fourth grade: Saif Ahmed, Benjamin Camuel, McKenna Carter, Katie Chen, William Church, Taetum Crawford, Chloe Devre, Indana Fauzi, Helen Feibes, Joseph Fortson, Michayla Gatsos, Megan Guan, Kevin Jing, Caitlin Labianca, Riley Leadingham, Eleanor Liu, Angus Maske, Ian McCauley, Helen Pang, Haley Powers, Ashvin Sial, Annika Sial, Luke Sills, Terell Strickland, Jacob Styer, Harper Sutton, Rebecca Turney, Subershan Wignakumar and Matthrew Wirasakti; fifth grade: Vandana Dronadula, Ellora Kamineni, Matthew Mitchell and Divya Sunderam. Rosa Parks, fourth grade: Neal Rekhraj and Megan Slusarewicz. Sandersville, fourth grade: Jared Conn, Caleb Hamlyn and Kiarah Higgins; fifth grade: Omar Bojang, Natalie McGraw and Joseph Williams. SCAPA at Bluegrass, fourth grade: Joshua Andreatta, Marlene Broady, Kayla Buchignani, Annalisa Casar, Olivia Connelly, Audrey Fields, Anna Gilligan, Emma Guinnip, Autumn Hines, Annabeth Lyon, Una Mijatovic, Olivia Peppiatt and Reilly Young; fifth grade: Leila Aboujaoude and Emma Mathews. Southern, fourth grade: Hannah Hahnenstein and Sarah Palmer; fifth grade: Sean Barnhill. Stonewall, fourth grade: Ellie Copeland and Kelseigh Newman; fifth grade: John Compton.

2011 Duke TIP grand and state recognition honorees (seventh grade): Beaumont Middle School, grand recognition: Sarah Hall, John Onan, Joanna Slusarewicz, Angela Vichitbandha and Abigail Woolums; state recognition: Dylan Baker, Addyson Bell, Margaret Davis, Madison Ellis, Mallory Engelhard, Keriann Ferguson, Ryan Gosky, Sarah Hall, Sarah Hoffmann, Madison Hurst, Kimberly Isaac, Amanda Isaac, Keaton Jenson, Darby Rose Jones, Brandon Jordan, Justin Kelley, Brennen Ketron, Canaan Kheradmand, Robert Kushner, Josephine Law, Charles Leppo, Casey Lockridge, Anna McGary, Alexander Mesones, Timothy Michael, Brooke Miller, Chris Natale, John Onan, Katherine Rintamaa, Kyra Seevers, Joanna Slusarewicz, Sara Talwalkar, Caroline Toth, Jessica Vaccaro, Samantha Vaccaro, Angela Vichitbandha, Thomas Ward, Joy Whitten, Jameson Wilkins, Madison Winstead and Abigail Woolums. Bryan Station Middle School, state recognition: Jackquelynne Rose and Lily Wright. Edythe J. Hayes Middle School, state recognition: Erin Christopher, Jarod Christopher, Jared Derossett, David Grasch, Derek Kay, Amelia Rogers, Anna Stamm, Anthony Tamasi and Noah Welch. Jessie Clark Middle School, state recognition: Harrison Lane, Emily Laytham, Megan Pauley, Lauren Simmons, Slade Warnken and Jared Young. Lexington Traditional Magnet School, grand recognition: Angeline He; state recognition: Jensyn Campbell, McKaylee Copher, Lynsey Crumbie, Miles Dunn, McKenna Elliott, Zariah Embry, Courtney Fields, Sarah Garnett, Griffin Gensheimer, Angeline He, Akshay Kalose, Ploy Nontapan, Brian Pang, John Pike, Kira Turner and Abigail Watkins. Morton Middle School, state recognition: Diego Andrade, Isaac Bane, Charles Blondell, Joseph Brumley, David Chen, Celia Clark, Samuel Clay, Andrew Collins, Adam Farman, Benjamin Grossman, Kathleen Kilcoyne, Weiran Liu, Hanna Martin, Christina McFarlane, Sibley Miller, Madison Moore, Kaitlyn Nunnelley, Mariah Slaughter, Carl Tackett II and Cole Terrell. SCAPA at Bluegrass, state recognition: Karen Bethel, Herman Bratcher, Victoria Hall, Madison Kelley, Sydney Prince and Stephanie Stumbur. Southern Middle School, state recognition: Nolan Adams, Sarah Hayden, Sara Howard, Bailey McNees and Nikki Tocash. Tates Creek Middle School, state recognition: Jared Combs. Winburn Middle School, grand recognition: Kayla Beebout, Natalie Fields, Robert Finch, Thomas Kenny, Jasmine Liu, Theodore Livas, Charles Payne, Anne Russell, Yefan Shi, Malvika Singhal and Kathleen Yang; state recognition: James Apo, Kayla Beebout, Jacob Cottrell, Maya Creamer, Colton Duprey, Jacob Ferguson, Natalie Fields, Robert Finch, Janet Guo, Catherine Hale, Thomas Huang, Ross Jenkins, Neha Kadambi, Thomas Kenny, Chunjoo Ko, Aislinn Langley, Jasmine Liu, Theodore Livas, Rachel Lush, Skylar Mays, Olivia McCrary, Samantha McGehee, Saikeerthi Naidu, Kai Nicholls, Charles Payne, Stephen Perry, Anne Russell, Yefan Shi, Malvika Singhal, Jacqueline Southall, Joshua Strange, Scott Street, Julia Wilson and Kathleen Yang.

■ Fifteen area high school sophomores have been accepted at the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science at Western Kentucky University. They are among 73 students accepted from across the state for the Gatton Academy Class of 2013.

The Gatton Academy is Kentucky's only state-supported, residential program for high school students with interests in advanced science and math careers and one of 16 such programs in the country.

Students will complete their junior and senior years living in Schneider Hall and taking courses offered by WKU. At the end of their two-year course of study, they will graduate from high school having earned at least 60 college credit hours.

Erica Plummer, Bourbon County High School; Cecily Allen, Danville High School; Nicholas Fedorka, Boyle County High School; Mary Spraggs, Danville High School; Samuel Dong, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School; Lauren Shields, Tates Creek High School; Ethan Smith, Tates Creek High School; Alexandra Sunnenberg, Henry Clay High School; Garrett Barnes, Franklin County High School; Sibi Rajendran, Franklin County High School; Noah Dixon, West Jessamine High School; Anna Hamilton, Bardstown High School; Wayne Schmitt, Montgomery County High School; Lara Johanna van der Heiden, Nicholas County High School; Jeet Parekh, Franklin-Simpson High School.

John Simpson, an Eastern Kentucky University senior, has received a Fulbright teaching assistantship.

The secondary English teaching major and honors scholar from Burlington will arrive in the Republic of Georgia in August and spend nine months teaching the English language and American culture.

While in Georgia, Simpson will ask students to interview older adults about skills such as skinning and tanning, growing food in the mountains, herbal remedies, folklore, instrument building and carpentry techniques.

Simpson has been student-teaching this semester at Model Laboratory School, under the tutelage of Carol Ruppel, who taught in Slovakia as a Fulbright scholar in 2009-10. Five years earlier, Ruppel's husband, EKU economics professor, Dr. Fred Ruppel, also was a Fulbright Scholar in Slovakia.