Central Kentucky For The Record

Records are gathered from the county clerks' offices and from the Fayette County health department and area hospitals. Fayette County records appear weekly. Other counties appear biweekly. Contact Sally Scherer at


Central Baptist Hospital

May 2: John and Sara Francis, Lexington, girl.

Barrett Sr. and Carrie Milner, Lexington, boy.

May 3: Jared Dunaway and Kasey Mills, Lexington, girl.

David and Melissa Duncan, Versailles, boy.

Justin Hughes and Clarissa Burton, Georgetown, boy.

Scott and Stephanie Sellers, Somerset, boy.

Adam and Amy Thompson, Mount Sterling, boy.

May 4: Bradley Boaz and Kitty Boaz, Lexington, girl.

Gabriel and Casey Duvall, Georgetown, boy.

Alan and Megan Hisle, Lexington, girl.

José and Christina Iniguez, Lexington, girl.

George II and Kristie Lathram, Nicholasville, boy.

Nicholas and Samantha Peters, Berea, boy.

Israel and Tabitha Tracey, Frankfort, girl.

Latasha Bentley, Lexington, girl.

May 5: Geoff and Angela Cornish, Georgetown, girl.

Joshua Drake and Kristina Lewis, Lexington, girl.

Colmon III and Victoria Elridge, Lexington, boy.

Brandon Johnson and Brittany LaNaé, Louisville, girl.

Armand Napier and Jasmine Johnson, Lexington, boy.

Johnny and Betty Noble, Jackson, girl.

Joseph and Kristina Rhodes, Jeffersonville, boy.

Travis and Jessica Roberts, Georgetown, girl.

David Romero and Thleni Wollum, Lexington, girl.

Chad and Brooke Walter, Lexington, boy.

Charles and Amanda Workman, Nicholasville, boy.

May 6: Nathan Alexander and Jamie Davin, Georgetown, boy.

Walter Bates and Aimee Sowders, Versailles, boy.

Jeffrey and Mandy Collins, Paris, boy.

Chris Dennis and Brittany Watkins, Lexington, boy.

Tyson Dunn and Tiffany Gardner, Lexington, boy.

Lawrence Haynes and Amy Collier-Haynes, Harrodsburg, boy.

Charles and Heather Hurst, Corbin, boy.

Ryan Parker and Meghan Luttrell, Nicholasville, boy.

Brian and Jennifer Pingleton, Richmond, girl.

Jason and Kathy Rice, Richmond, girl.

Garrett Turner and Samantha Hurst, Lexington, girl.

May 7: Kenneth and Amelia Adkins, Morehead, boy.

Michael Baker and Erica Lear, Lexington, boy.

Lance and Jessica George, Lexington, girl.

Adam and Michelle McCoy, Lexington, girl.

May 8: Arnold and Rachel Ayala, Nicholasville, girl.

Michael and Brandy Chaney, Lexington, boy.

Brian and Kara Harris, Georgetown, girl.

Kenneth Honican and Amanda Eldridge, Wilmore, girl.

Stefan Lewis and Lynda Stevensin, Georgetown, girl.

Oscar and Blanca Olvera, Paris, boy.

Brandon Pope and Chelsea Shelton, Lexington, girl.

May 9: Donnie Barber II and Marie Estepp, Corinth, girl.

Patrick and Courtnay Johnson, Lexington, boy.

Rene and Natasha Ortiz, Lexington, girl.

Jeremy and Kara Wells, Lexington, girl.

Steven and Sarah Wilcox, Nicholasville, boy.

Women's Hospital at St. Joseph East

April 22: Adam and Sarah Chamberlain, Winchester, girl.

Chris and Gina Johns, Nicholasville, boy.

April 23: Sid and Marissa Shih, Lexington, boy.

April 24: Donnie and Georgia Crase, Jackson, girl.

Robert and Greta Knight, Richmond, girl.

Devin and Lindsay Davidson, Lexington, girl.

April 25: Peter and Laura Crawford, Lexington, girl.

Todd and Kimberly Eldridge, Whitesburg, girl.

April 26: Jaslynn Turley, Lexington, boy and girl.

Andrew and Bethany Smith, Lexington, twin boy's.

Ronald and Melinda Porter, Lexington, girl.

Jessica Martin, Winchester, girl.

April 27: Jaclyn Stamm, Nicholasville, girl.

Scott and Geneane McNabb, Salt Lick, boy.

Seth and Tara Elliott, East Point, boy.

April 28: Chelsea Burgoyne, Frankfort, boy.

Bryan and Gloria Yates, Whitesburg, girl.

James and Leanne Hale, David, girl.

Ricardo and Jadriann Gonzoles, Lexington, boy.

April 29: Marcellus Lewis and Kristin Murphy, Lexington, girl.

April 30: Kayla Wesley, Lexington, girl.

Jeremy and Sarah Couture, Lexington, girl.

May 1: Corbet and Jennifer Jackson, Lawrenceburg, boy.

Rob and Tracie Spencer, Rogers, boy.

May 2: Joshua Reidenbaugh and Sadie Hollon, Nicholasville, girl.

Scottie and Meegan Foster, Georgetown, girl.

May 3: Anthony and Jennifer Strode, Mount Sterling, boy and girl.

Michael and Tameka Chisley, Lexington, boy.

May 4: Jennifer Hamblin, Lexington, girl.

Phil and Rebekah Chaney, Lexington, girl.

William and Misty Brock, Paint Lick, boy.

May 5: Kelsey Parker, Harrodsburg, male.

Steven and Tonya Johnson, Whitesburg, boy.

Simion Alvarado and Amanda Bixler, Versailles, boy.

May 6: Lance and Rhea Campbell, Lexington, girl.

marriage licenses

Teresa Renee Mardis and Dawaun Nelson Morris.

Amber Danielle Gardner and Shaun Michael Delong.

Lori Ann Little and Joshua Adam Wolfe.

Lindsey Rae Godby and Anthony Heath Roberts.

Mariam M.K. Qadadha and Ahed Mustafa Shalash.

Jeanmarie Reau Vanwieren and Jayson Cyrus Page.

Maggie Marie Carpenter and Kyle Adam Evans.

Kristin Elizabeth Ranard and Benjamin Edward Skaggs.

Melissa Eve Dandrea and Dustin Scott Bailey.

Marley Shiree Stiltner and David Mark Tribble.

Alicia Marie Barnett and Michael Wayne Evans.

Felice Moria Dean and Vincent Edward Farris.

Allison Bishop Sparks and Joshua Tyler Fain.

Kelli Lynn Patrick and Paul David Adanick.

Jessica Brooke Duncan and Jonathan Edward Holmes.

Deeanna Dawn Robinson and Thomas Spencer McCallie III.

Mary Helen Adams and Randolph Charles Catlette.

Laura Ruth Leffler and John Michael Kwiek.

Kacy Corrine Johnson and Zachary McCoy May.

Bonnie Lou Johns and Randolph Louis Smith.

Josephine Bonve Muyumba and Ntezamaso Bavon.

Kristi Michelle Kozeluh and Jared Preston Carroll.

Bhavini Bharat Mody and David Brents Norman High.

Meghan Anne Moughler and John Holden Wardlaw.

Melanie Leigh Burns and Brandon Scott Skaggs.

Jeanne Elizabeth Rader and John Patrick Anderson.

Meghan Elizabeth Keeling and Robert Barry Shannon Jr.

Brigitte Annet Brice and Rodney Joe Denson.

Sherri Lynn Kielb and Michael Andrew Ahlberg.

Helen Elizabeth Burnett and Lee Moultrie Sessions Jr.

Cynthia Amber Cook and Kerry Michael Cook.

Nancy Ann Robertson and Thomas Lowell Yandell.

Amy Rebekah Turner and Eric William Rogier.

Margaret Elizabeth Baumann and Tighe Alexander Estes.

Carrie Jane Leggett and Joseph Brooks Esenbock.

Kelly Lynn Baker and Thomas Ryan Russell.

Morgan Danielle Culver and Robert Fulton Fields.

Melissa Mae Martinez and Charles Allen Wells Jr.

Jennifer Elaine Allen and Clay Ryman Compton.

Gina Marie Petris and Keeshawn Lewis Higgins.

Catherine Verena Brown and Jacob Jonathan Folsom.

Lora Ann Crider and Damion Ramon Scott.

Rebekah Stacey Cosden and William Francis Decker.

Sarah Dianna Osborn and Douglas Glen Hocker.

Mayra Vianey Uribe and Stephen Andon Sawyer.

Tracy M Luckadoo and David Dewayne Oliver.

Jackie Sahlena Clements and Richard Aaron Mulling.

Deborah Judith Jones and William Tolliver Green.

Jenna Marie Burt and Christopher Louis Noetzel.

Dezirae Elaine Beck and Rajan Dhaval Shukla.

Jenine Loren Gibbons and Tophan Kulkriwes.

Jamie Lorane Roberts and Bradley Alfred Anderson.


Rachel Geannette Godziejewski and Leon Marti Godziejewski.

Jessica Brady and Vincent Michael Brady.

Maria Del Refugio Chavez and Aurelio Verdin Espinoza.

Julie Ann Ladouceur and Larry Shawn Ladouceur.

Angela M. Goodwin and Curt D. Goodwin.

Andrea Lynn McDonald and Keith Allen McDonald.

Amanda Heer Arnold and Gatewood Plummer Arnold.

Eric J. Reed and Vanessa L. Hodges Reed.

George Roger Lathram and Elizabeth Ann Lathram.

Jennifer Turner and James Turner.

Michael D. Bowling and Maureen C. Bowling.

Morgan Stumbo Kidd and Trevor Kidd.

Michelle Lynne Herald and Lewis Herald Jr.

Lisa Marie Sharp and Robert Llewellyn Sharp.


American Tax Funding LLC vs. Park Avenue Partnership for $5,974, etc., claimed due on a contract.

AmeriCredit Financial Services vs. William Leadingham for $8,956, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Asset Acceptance LLC vs. Eric D. Williams for $6,327, etc., claimed due on a contract.

BAC Home Loans Servicing vs. Judy Brown, et al. for $69,738, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Bank of the Bluegrass and Trust Co. vs. Gary L. Soderman, et al. for $48,129, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Barry D. Brown, et al. vs. Myrna Downing, et al. for $8,200, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Bluegrass Oxygen, Inc. vs. Joe Lybrook for $25,579, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Buford Castle vs. Kenneth M. Walden, et al. for an undetermined amount, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Central Bank and Trust Co. vs. R.L. Roberts, Inc., et al. for $19,434, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Chase Home Finance LLC vs. Job Muwanga for $48,652, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Citibank (South Dakota), N.A. vs. Miler Wilson for $15,688, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Bryan Doll, et al. for $332,670, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

DH Capital Management, Inc. vs. Dorothy Louise Watkins for $24,468, etc., claimed due on a contract.

First Resolution Investment Corp. vs. Kristin H. Kimbrell for $6,485, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Genry Romero dba G&R Drywall vs. JTM Holdings LLC for $5,750, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Jajile Muhammad vs. Wellington Homeowners Association for an undetermined amount, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Jeffrey M. Blum vs. Kris D. Mullins for $6,524, etc., claimed due for an alleged fraud.

Joyce Kay Webb vs. Kroger Limited Partnership I for an undetermined amount, etc., claimed due for an alleged injury.

Michael McGuire et al. vs. David M. Plunkett for an undetermined amount, etc., claimed due for an alleged injury.

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Co. vs. Brian K. Mullikin, et al. for $151,251, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Republic Bank & Trust Co. vs. Pablo Lopez, et al. for $104,689, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

State Farm Bank FSB vs. George A. Miller for $6,206, etc., claimed due on a contract.

U.S. Bank N.A. vs. James M. Dunaway Jr., et al. for $31,608, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. vs. the following, claimed due on contracts:

Lee Hunn for $7,316, etc.

Mary Tabscott dba East Side Dialer and Up for $6,014, etc.

Grace I. Parrish for $8,544, etc.

Central Kentucky Management Services vs. the following, claimed due on contracts:

Thomas Gerard Mudd for $20,328, etc.

Harold Button for $10,512, etc.

Wanda Karen Couch for $7,761, etc.

Stephen Harris for $4,316, etc.

Discover Bank vs. the following, claimed due on contracts:

Helga L. Duffy for $14,659, etc.

Clifford A. Branham, et al. for $8,087, etc.

Lee M. Lewis II for $6,044, etc.

Shelly F. Gottesman for $9,914, etc.

Sharon Irvin for $7,206, etc.

JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. vs. the following:

Sheryl Murphy for $93,193, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Carole Hargett, et al. for $968,888, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance Co. vs. the following, claimed due for worker's compensation insurance premiums:

R&G Energy LLC for $13,429, etc.

East Ky Pools, Inc. for $6,974, etc.

Jeff Gray dba G&S Trucking for $33,088, etc.

Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government vs. the following, claimed due on contracts:

Robert Lawrence Deaton for $25,026, etc.

Dane L. Deaton for $5,077, etc.

Midland Funding LLC vs. the following, claimed due on contracts:

Michelle Sarrica for $9,221, etc.

Michael Darlington for $5,039, etc.

Kathryn Poole for $11,914, etc.

Chris Robinson for $4,192, etc.

Chris Hayworth for $10,300, etc.

Brian Ratliff for $5,661, etc.

Billie Johnson for $4,283, etc.

Brent Lemon for $6,805, etc.

Kendall Purdy for $4,199, etc.

Rita Durham for $8,103, etc.

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. vs. the following, claimed due on mortgages:

Mary B. Scott for $141,270, etc.

Kimberly Stafford, et al. for $364,134, etc.



Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center, Richmond

May 4: Brandon Coffey and Latosha Rose, Richmond, boy.

Anthony and Lauren Cornett, Irvine, boy.

May 5: Jonathan and Christine Abner, Berea, girl.

May 6: Paul Edwards and Regina Noland, Richmond, boy.

Michael and Deanna Kasitz, Richmond, girl.

Aaron and Jessica Stallsworth, Mount Vernon, boy.

May 8: Mike Rosiere and Gail Elam, Mount Vernon, boy.

May 9: Michael and Tamara Crumley, Berea, boy.

May 10: Angela Cobble, McKee, girl.

Craig Morgan and Kendra McKinney, Ravenna, girl.

Adam Miller and Heather Shepherd, Richmond, girl.

May 11: Nathan and Aleisha Renfrow Richmond, girl.