Lex-Care: Two clients need help paying past bills

Two cases were received last week.

Gabriel Brown, a counselor at Jessie Clark Middle School, is working with a divorced mother who needs $750 for her mortgage payment. The woman lost her job last year and has used her savings, child support and tax refund to support her household. She fell behind on her bills. She is now working but needs help to make her mortgage payment current.

Husband's fall puts couple behind

The second case is from Julia Broderson at Centenary United Methodist Church. Her clients are a married couple who need $750 to pay rent and an electric bill. The wife is disabled. The husband supported the family until he fell in October and was unable to work. The couple has fallen behind on their electric bill and also face eviction. They have been approved to receive food stamps, and the husband has been approved to receive Social Security disability benefits. However, they do not have money to pay the past-due bills before benefits arrive.

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