Moms need help paying bills

Requests for assistance to pay rent and an electric bill were received this week at Lex-Care.

Meredith Edens, a social worker at University of Kentucky Pediatrics, is working with a divorced mother of a special-needs child who needs $295 to bring her rent payments up to date.

The woman's wages were garnished to pay a hospital bill. Because she did not earn enough to allow the garnish order to be enforced, her son's Social Security disability benefits were taken. She fell behind on her bills as a result. It was found that taking his benefits check was illegal, and a court order has been issued to end the garnishment. Once the landlord is paid, the family will be able to manage.

Help needed for electric bill

Cathy Sutphen, a case manager at the Russell Cave Family Resource Center, is counseling a single mother of three who needs $456.50 to make her account with Kentucky Utilities current.

She was working at a day care center while attending college when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She quit her job to undergo surgery and radiation treatment, which was successful. She was able to obtain government subsidies during that time and had been able to meet family expenses until the benefits ended. Her cancer is in remission, and she is earning money by cleaning houses and has returned to school. She is looking for full-time employment.

You can help: Send tax-deductible contributions to Lex-Care Inc., Emergency Fund, P.O. Box 1328, Lexington, Ky. 40508. Contact Lex-Care at (859) 227-2765 or