Lex-Care: Medical, car bills need paying

Two cases arrived at the Lex-Care office this week. The first came from the Jessamine County Adult Day Care Center, which submitted a request on behalf of a participant. He needs $670 to pay a medical liability bill.

The man is mentally challenged and unable to work. He lives with his mother and stepfather, and contributes financially to help defray the cost of household expenses. Because of his disability, he has received a waiver that will cover the cost of his day care. However, he has a debt he must pay so the assistance can be put in place. Once that debt is cleared, he and his family will be able to manage on the income they all receive from Social Security benefits.

Divorced woman seeks $249 to repair car brakes

The second case came from Richard Flewelling, a case manager at Adult and Tenant Services, who is working with a woman who needs $249.07 to repair the brakes on her car.

She is divorced and not working at this time but is looking for part-time work. When the car is repaired, she will attend summer classes at Eastern Kentucky University to lighten her course load when she enrolls as a full-time nursing student in the fall.

She also has arranged for financial aid that will supplement her Social Security benefits, making it feasible for her to follow this long-range plan.

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