Lex-Care: Hardships delay utility payments

An internal water leak and loss of employment are the reasons for the two requests received at Lex-Care this week.

Meredith Edens, a social worker at Kentucky Children's Hospital, is working with a family of six that needs $719.32 to pay water and electric bills.

The family has rented a house for years, and it took more than a month to determine the reason for continued increases in their water bill. When the leak was found to be inside the property, no adjustments could be made to the bill by the water company. The landlord paid for repairs of the leak, but the family must pay the full amount owed for the water "consumed." As a result, they also fell behind on their electric bill.

Once the two bills are cleared, the family will be more than able to manage on their current income,

Anne Vandervert, who works at Volunteers of America, is advising a single mother of a disabled son who needs $450 to pay her electric bill.

The woman lives in transitional subsidized housing that she shares with another woman and three more children. She worked the past eight years as a middle management employee in the food industry but lost her job some time ago. She applied for unemployment benefits, which have finally been established. She is looking for employment.

During the time she was without income she fell behind on her electric bill, and the service has been cut off. If the service isn't restored she could lose the housing benefit she is receiving.

Once the bill is paid, she will be able to maintain the household and continue to look for work and qualify for long-term permanent housing.

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