Lex-Care: Mother and grandmother need help with rent

Two requests for assistance to pay rent were received at Lex-Care this week.

Holly Rollins, a case manager at Central Baptist Hospital, filed an application on behalf of a client who needs $300 to pay her rent. The client is a single mother who delivered her second child prematurely.

She is employed full-time and is on unpaid maternity/medical leave.

She was saving money to cover the loss of income during that leave time, but the early delivery prevented completion of that plan. Her doctor plans to issue a medical release for her to return to work in two weeks. The father of the baby has lost his job and is actively seeking work.

Once she and the father return to work, the household will be financially sound again.

The second request came from Danielle Gilchrist, a case manager at Community Action-Manchester Center, who is counseling a widow who has custody of her two grandchildren. She needs $475 to pay her rent.

The grandmother is disabled, suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes and bulging spinal disks. When her car needed repairs she had the necessary work done. After that bill was paid she found that her Social Security disability benefits had been discontinued. She is in the process of appealing that action and hopes to have them restored. In the meantime, she will try to manage on the "kinship" benefits she receives as custodian of the grandchildren.

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