Lex-Care: Single mom needs $604.20 to pay electric bill

Susan Ross, a social worker with TK Targeted Assessment Program, is working with a single mother who needs $604.20 to pay her electric bill. The woman and her child are living with four adults in a one-bedroom apartment. The mother used her name to get electric service, and the bill must be paid before she can move.

The young mother worked as a housekeeper at a bed-and-breakfast until she became pregnant. She now receives assistance from KTAP and has, for more than a year, volunteered 20 hours a week at the Bluegrass Technical Center.

She has graduated from high school and wants to become a certified nursing assistant, but she knows she needs to stabilize her housing situation before she can take the required courses.

Once the bill is paid, she will be able to move and begin putting her long-range plan into action. She has been approved for income-based housing.

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