Lex-Care: Man desperately needs generator

Amy Wills, an independent case manager, is counseling a man who needs $750 to pay for a generator. The man is paralyzed due to transverse myelitis that he contracted when he was 19 At that time, he received treatment and therapy, and recovered. He attended college and received a degree in respiratory therapy and worked as a therapist.

At 22 he suffered a recurrence, which paralyzed him again. For the past two years he has been mainly bed-bound because of wounds that developed from the amount of time he had to spend in a wheelchair.

He requires an air mattress on his hospital bed. When the power goes out, as it did five times last winter, his mattress deflates and he lies on the metal springs of his bed. With a generator, the mattress would remain inflated during power outages.

He received a Home and Community Based Waiver to help with his home care. He is hopeful that the services he receives will cure his wounds so he can return to his wheelchair and resume working.

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