Lex-Care: Money for rent, medical expenses needed

Two requests for assistance to pay medical and rent expenses were received at Lex-Care last week.

Felisha Stone, a case manager at Community Action, is working with a woman who needs $372 to pay the balance due for medical expenses that her granddaughter accumulated in 2005.

The bill was to be paid by the owner of the property where her daughter's injury occurred. The balance was not paid, and the grandmother has received notice from a finance recovery agency that she is responsible to make the payment. She does not have the money because she lives on limited income from Supplemental Social Insurance. Once the debt is paid, she will be able to manage.

The second request was for $750 to pay rent. It came from Susan Temmermand, an Armed Forces case manager at the American Red Cross.

Her client is a divorced woman who was honorably discharged from the Army. When she was deployed overseas, she suffered a back injury from a truck rollover accident. She received treatment and returned to duty until she completed her military service. Since her return to civilian life, she has moved to Lexington and has found full-time employment.

Recently she began suffering pain from her back injury, which required out-of-pocket medical expenses for treatment and prescriptions. This caused her to fall behind on her rent.

She learned that she is eligible, because of her military service, to apply for VA benefits. She is completing the application process to receive those benefits, which will include medical care, and possibly VA disability benefits.

Once the past-due rent is paid, she will be financially stable.

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