Happy 100th birthday

Louise Wagers Witt
Louise Wagers Witt

Louise Wagers Witt celebrated her 100th birthday Nov. 3 at the Chop House in Lexington with 70 of her friends and family. She is the daughter of David Simpson Wagers and Louisa Durbin Wagers, formerly of Rice Station in Estill County. She was married to the late Ray Witt and is a long-time resident of Winchester, having lived there for almost 70 years. She still has a home there and returns several times a year.

Witt has a son, Donald Ray Witt of Lexington, and a daughter, Nancy Witt Sewell of Littleton, Colo. Witt resides in Littleton with her daughter and son-in-law, John L. Sewell. She credits her longevity to attending the numerous sporting events of her great-grandchildren and keeping her roots in Winchester and Kentucky by making multiple trips back each year.