Lex-Care: Divorced mother and widow need help to pay rent.

Carmen Cotto, a counselor at Cardinal Valley Elementary Resource Center, is seeking help for her client, a divorced mother of two who needs $750 to pay her rent.

The woman is unemployed and awaiting knee surgery. The woman's previous employer has agreed to rehire her when she recovers. Once she has returned to work, she hopes to get back on track financially and once again maintain a stable household for her family.

Widow returns to work but needs $367 for rent

Janice Purdy, a social worker with Palliative Care Center at Hospice of the Bluegrass, is assisting a widow who needs $367 to pay her rent.

Her husband recently died from colon cancer. She took time off from her job as a dietary aide to care for him and the loss of income has caused her to fall behind on her rent.

Since her husband's death, she has returned to work and will be able to pay her bills in the future.

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