Two requests for assistance to pay electric bills

Two requests for assistance to pay electric bills were received at Lex-Care this week.

The first came from a social worker at Lexington Fair Housing Council. The client is woman who lives with two roommates. They need $439.73 to pay an electric bill. The women are living in temporary housing and are searching for a permanent place to live. When the past-due electric bill is cleared they will be able to look for new housing.

Yvonne Goodridge, a counselor at the Community Action Council, is working with a married man who needs help paying a $199.98 electric bill. He has been working fewer hours as a mason and welder because of the winter weather. Now that the weather has improved, he plans to return to his normal schedule. His wife is employed. When the bill is taken care of the family will be able to manage.

You can help: Lex-Care Inc., P.O. Box 1328, Lexington, Ky. 40588. Contact Lex-Care at (859) 699-9859 or