Lex-Care: Two requests for rent assistance received this week

Two requests for assistance to pay rent were received this week.

The first came from Janice Perdy, a social worker at Hospice of the Bluegrass. Her client is the wife of a couple whose husband was laid off in October and needs $615 to pay rent. The wife is employed by Hospice of the Bluegrass, but took unpaid time off to have surgery. During that time, the couple fell behind on their rent. The wife is working full time again. The couple will be able to manage once the past due rent is paid.

Jobless woman needs $300

The second case came from Beth Myers, a counselor at the Mary Todd Lincoln Family Service Center. Her client is a woman who needs $300 to pay her rent. The woman recently lost her job and has applied for unemployment benefits. Once the rent is paid and benefits start, she will be able to manage.

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