Kentucky's kids get creative to name the Alltech National Horse Show mascot

Name Winner: "Tucky" by Cherie Dennis, 11, of Paris.
Name Winner: "Tucky" by Cherie Dennis, 11, of Paris.

More than 600 children proposed original names, wrote imaginative stories and colored cartoon depictions of the new mascot for the Alltech National Horse Show, now hosted annually at the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Alltech asked Kentucky's children for help naming the new Alltech National Horse Show mascot — a horse finely dressed in a tuxedo, top hat and show ribbon. In addition, children were asked to write a short story describing how the horse rose to fame at the Alltech National Horse Show and color an outline of the mascot. Alltech and the Lexington Herald-Leader editorial staff selected three winners for the contest: the best story, the best name, and the best coloring or illustration of the mascot.

Congratulations to the following winners:

■ Name Winner: "Tucky" by Cherie Dennis, age 11, of Paris.

■ Story Winner: "Prancer and his perseverance" by Mia Albornoz, age 12, of Lexington.

■ Coloring Winner: "Skittles" by Kimberly Collins, age 11, of Stanford.

Visitors can meet Tucky and view the contest entries in the children's activities area at the Kentucky Gathering, a celebration of horses, heritage and hops, Nov. 1-2 at the Alltech Arena. Attendees can also see the Alltech National Horse Show, Oct. 29-Nov. 3, at the Alltech Arena.

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Here's the story that won the story contest: Prancer and his perseverance by Mia Albornoz:

"You can do it! You can, you can, Prancer!"

Emily had all her faith in Prancer. Prancer did not know why, everyone else didn't think he was good enough. He tried to keep going but stopped himself. What if he didn't make it? Would Emily not believe in him anymore? He had so many thoughts flying through his head.

Prance told himself, "I am going to do it. I am, I really am!" He took his running start and — one, two, three — he made it! He made it over the hurdle. Emily screamed. "Mom, Dad, Henry! You won't believe it! Prance made it over the hurdle!" Emily's Mom, Dad and brother followed her outside.

When Prancer saw them come, he panicked. He couldn't do it in front of them. They all stared at him. Emily said, "Come on, Prancer, show them, show them!" Prancer stood there unwilling to move. Emily's Mom then told her to wash up for dinner. Emily put up the hurdle then washed up.

At dinner, Emily's brother Henry said, "Stop trying with him. He is not any good. He will never make it." Emily put down her spoon covered with mashed potatoes and said, "I believe in Prancer. He can do it. He did it for me." Emily cleaned her plate and went to bed.

The next morning, Prancer felt bad. When Emily brought her parents out, he did it. He made it over the hurdle. Emily's parents told her that she and Prance could start having classes.

Prancer and Emily train with a man named Pete. Prance has improved a lot and doesn't get super nervous. He proved to himself that he can do anything if he tries. That's how he is where he is today.