Education notes: Oct. 28

Ron Chi
Ron Chi


Ron Chi, principal of The Learning Center at Linlee, is among four school administrators selected by the Kentucky Department of Education for the 2014 Minority Superintendent Internship Program. This program promotes inclusion and diversity in the superintendent's role, as well as the identification of an effective and qualified leadership work force.

Chi, who is Korean, is the first Asian to participate in the program. He also worked as a science and math teacher, dean of students, assessment coordinator, innovations facilitator and head football coach in Fayette County Public Schools and served as an adjunct professor at Eastern Kentucky University and Midway College. Chi completed his doctorate at University of the Cumberlands and holds a professional certificate for instructional leadership-school superintendent.

Ali Wright of Lafayette High School is among seven "teacherpreneurs" in the national 2014-15 cohort selected by the Center for Teaching Quality. These are expert educators whose work weeks are divided between teaching and designing systems-level solutions for public education. Wright, who teaches algebra and AP calculus at Lafayette, is on the list for a second year. A National Board Certified teacher, she collaborates with colleagues throughout Kentucky to influence policy and improve teaching and learning


Sayre welcomed students from Harrison Elementary for a special performance, "Introducing Lampung Culture for Global Appreciation: A Harmony of Diversity in Indonesia," on Oct. 15. Students explored Indonesian culture through instrumentals, dance performances and classroom visits.

The artists performed two traditional Lampung dances. Sigeh Penguten, also known as the welcome dance, welcomes honorable guests to Lampung. A dancer presented Head of School Stephen Manella with a Sekapur Sirih, which represents hospitality. The performance concluded with Kembang Melinting, a dance expressing happiness and beauty. Kembang means fragrant flowers and melinting conveys beautiful girls from Melinting (a region in Lampung). Sayre fourth-graders taught the Indonesian artists a classic American folk dance, Alabama Gal. Students also introduced the Indonesian instrumentalists to Orff instruments, and they played gamelan-style music while students learned an Indonesian folk dance.

The Governor's School for Entrepreneurs, or GSE, will begin accepting applications for summer 2015 on Saturday. The deadline to apply is Dec. 12. Application details are at GSE is open to all Kentucky high school students in 9th, 10th and 11th grades regardless of GPA. GPA and test scores are not considered. GSE looks for creative thinkers and problem solvers who want to roll up their sleeves and create something amazing. GSE is an immersive and experiential college and career-ready program in which high school students use STEM, business and art skills to design a product or service, build a prototype and develop a viable business model using Lean LaunchPad methodology. Students completing GSE may apply for a performance-based credit in entrepreneurship from their high schools.