Jessamine County notes: Dec. 30

Report water runoff violations

Rainfall can wash pollutants, such as hazardous wastes, into storm drain systems and into local waterways. Jessamine County's storm water ordinance prohibits these discharges. To report a suspected violation of the storm water ordinance at a construction site or a residence, call Mike Cassidy, Jessamine County Public Services director, at (859) 885-4836 or email him at To learn more about storm water runoff. go to

St. 'Nich' Christmas Fest winners

Nicholasville Now has announced the St. "Nich" Christmas Fest winners from the December 13 event.

Parade floats: First place, First Southern Bank; Second place, Jessamine County 4-H; Third place, West Jessamine High School cheerleaders. Emily Wollums was the winner of the Gourmet Goodies Gingerbread Baking Contest, and the best decorated Winter Windows on Main were Gourmet Goodies and the Sweet Shop.