Armed man robs a Kentucky hotel. The clerk grabbed his gun and pointed it back at him.

A robber got away with cash from a Paducah hotel Monday, but not before getting a taste of his own medicine from a clerk.

Video supplied by the Paducah Police Department shows a man in a University of Alabama sock hat going behind the counter and beginning to look through drawers when a female clerk shows up. The woman points to a door around the counter and instructs the would-be robber to go to the front of the hotel.

With the suspect brandishing a gun, the clerk eventually threw cash on the counter and the man put his gun on the countertop while he put the money in a plastic bag. Video shows the woman grabbing the gun and immediately pointing it at the suspect.

The suspect fled toward the exit with the cash before coming back in and trying to retrieve his gun. He began to hop the counter, but the woman again pointed the gun at the robber.

That’s when the male suspect fled for good, and Paducah police say he left in a dark-colored passenger car.

A computer check later revealed the gun was reportes stolen from a home on Adams Street in Paducah last month, police said.

Paducah Police were searching for the suspect for a day before making an arrest Wednesday. Cory T. Phillips was charged with first-degree robbery and receiving stolen property.

According to the police department, a deputy pulled Phillips over Tuesday and noticed the suspect was acting nervous.

“In Phillips’ car, (Deputy) Dylan Cook found an Apple computer that had been reported stolen in the same burglary of the home on Adams Street, and a Spyder brand white t-shirt like the one found near the robbery scene,” the police department said.

A Paducah police detective made the connection between the computer and gun and the identical t-shirts, the police department wrote on Facebook.

Phillips has been placed in the McCracken County Regional Jail.