Bourbon County

State Supreme Court upholds Judge Gormley's suspension

The Kentucky Supreme Court has upheld a 45-day suspension and a public reprimand for Family Court Judge Tamra Gormley.

In November 2009, the Judicial Conduct Commission ruled Gormley inappropriately handled a domestic-violence hearing in Scott County and a child-custody hearing in Woodford County. She was reprimanded and suspended for 45 days without pay.

Gormley appealed the suspension, and it was upheld by the Kentucky Supreme Court in August. She asked the court to reconsider several months ago. In an order issued Jan. 20, the Supreme Court affirmed that Gormley, whose district includes Scott, Woodford and Bourbon counties, had acted in bad faith and had engaged in a pattern of misconduct.

In a written statement issued Tuesday, Gormley said she "will continue to do everything that I can to ensure that everyone who appears before me is treated fairly under the law."

"I understand that reasonable attorneys and reasonable judges can disagree about legal issues on a daily basis," she said in the statement. "That said, I will comply with the new standard set forth in the Kentucky Supreme Court's opinion, just as I have always done my best to follow the law."

This month, Gormley agreed to a 10-day suspension without pay from the commission, the only entity authorized to discipline a sitting judge in Kentucky, stemming from a child-custody case in Woodford County. In the agreed settlement, Gormley conceded she failed to recuse herself from the case after the Court of Appeals ruled it should be heard in Rowan County.