Bourbon County

Alleged sexual comments investigated at military academy in Millersburg

Kentucky State Police and the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services are checking into alleged inappropriate sexually oriented comments to a cadet at Forest Hill Military Academy in Millersburg.

The incident allegedly occurred late last week, according to Col. Joseph Land, chief of staff of the U.S. Army Cadet Corps, which opened Forest Hill this fall.

Land said Monday that he could provide few details because the investigation is continuing.

There have been no allegations of sexual activity, he said.

"There was an allegation last week that a staff member had made inappropriate sexually oriented comments," Land said. "It was an adult to a cadet."

Land said state police and state children's services representatives visited the military school and conducted a number of interviews.

"They conducted a routine investigation that after three days has resulted in no charges at this time," he said.

Land said he might have more information after the school's board of directors meets on Wednesday.

Forest Hill is located on the campus of the old Millersburg Military Institute, which the U.S. Army Cadet Corps purchased in 2008.