Fayette County

Paris crawfish racing: Fishier than the Derby, and no jockey required

At Paris’ second annual Crawfish Festival, on the banks of Stoner Creek, there were 1,500 pounds of crawfish for eating and about a dozen crawfish competing in the centerpiece competitive event: crawfish races.

Race tickets cost $5 each, and the event played out before a crowd of about 100.

The competitors, which were kept in aluminum roasting pans pre-race, kept trying to hurl themselves out and dash away. Each was rounded up, marked with a number in Broadway pink nail polish, shaken in a bag and turned out into a red-marked circle in the middle of a big white board. The first three to make it beyond the red circle went into the finals.

The first to make it out during the second round was the winner. Some crawfish appeared to fall asleep; others didn’t make it off their backs.

The prize included “an unnameable value,” according to Brian Dickens, an organizer of the crawfish festival. (Actually, it was a T-shirt.)

The winning crawfish owner was Skyler Walters of Mount Sterling. Her mom was nearby, working in the T-shirt booth.

After her victory, Walters was trying to figure out whether to name the champ, and she posed for selfies with her friends and the fastest crawfish in all of Bourbon County.

Cheryl Truman: 859-231-3202, @CherylTruman