Fayette County

Veteran’s cremated remains were found in storage unit. Now the coroner is trying to track down family.

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The Fayette County coroner is seeking help in finding relatives of a man who died in 2012.

The cremated remains of Frank Solis were found in a storage unit after the rent went unpaid. The unit was sold and the remains were found among the contents, according to Coroner Gary Ginn’s office.

It is thought that Solis was born June 5, 1929, in Mercedes, Texas. He was in the U.S. Air Force from 1948 to 1951. He died Aug. 4, 2012, in Fayette County. His last known address was in the Trout Court area of Lexington.

Anyone with information of relatives or friends of Solis is asked to contact the coroner’s office at 859-455-5700.