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Pediatric resident at UK allegedly viewed child porn during work shift

University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital.
University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital.

A man enrolled in a pediatric residency program at the University of Kentucky viewed child pornography during his work shift in June, according to a complaint filed by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure.

Ryan Michael Keith faces disciplinary action against his license to practice osteopathy with a specialty in pediatrics, the complaint said.

Written statements filed by two witnesses say they saw pornographic images on a computer in the pediatric workroom where Keith had logged on.

Keith’s residency contract was terminated in June, the complaint said.

“Possession of child pornography by a potential future pediatrician also represents a potential safety risk,” said a grievance filed on June 26.

The complaint says legal grounds exist for disciplinary action to be taken against Keith’s osteopathic license.

The board has directed Keith to respond to the allegations. His failure to respond can be taken as an admission of the charges.

A hearing on the complaint has been scheduled for Nov. 29 and 30 at the Board of Medical Licensure’s office in Louisville.