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This motel has a pet-friendly policy. One woman showed up with a horse.

Lindsey Partridge checked in at the Super 8 motel in Georgetown with her horse Blizz.
Lindsey Partridge checked in at the Super 8 motel in Georgetown with her horse Blizz. Facebook

Lindsey Partridge says she’s always looking for new opportunities to show the world how well-behaved horses can be, with the proper training.

She recently got her chance at a Georgetown motel.

Partridge, of Ontario, Canada, was on her way to compete in the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover competition on Oct. 4 when she said she decided to stop at the Super 8 to check in and drop off her luggage first.

“The person before me said that they had a dog,” Partridge said.

When her turn came, Partridge jokingly asked the clerk if the pet policy applied to her horse.

“She said, ‘Aw, I wouldn’t mind. You could do that,’” Partridge said.

So Partridge went out to her trailer and got Blizz, a retired Thoroughbred who raced as Here Comes Adri.

She said the clerk played along as she made a video simulating her check-in experience.

After a quick photo opp in the hotel room, where Blizz got to watch television for the first time, Partridge took the mare and her other two horses on to the Kentucky Horse Park, where the horses spent the weekend in more traditional accommodations.

Partridge, who has been referred to as Canada’s Horse Whisperer, runs a training program called Harmony Horsemanship.

She said racehorses are “often stereotyped for being crazy and hotheaded and unruly.”

“It’s a positive reinforcement training program,” she said. “It’s all about getting a calm connection first. If you have a calm connection, you can take your horse anywhere.”

Partridge said she has had Blizz since November, when she adopted her through the Turning for Home adoption program.

Blizz ended up winning third in the competition’s trail division. Partridge’s other two horses took first and second place in the same division.