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Who are Lexington's highest paid city employees? How big are city salaries?

Aerial photo of downtown Lexington in 2013
Aerial photo of downtown Lexington in 2013 Herald-Leader

Police Chief Mark Barnard and Fire Chief Kristin Chilton top the salaries Lexington pays its city employees with $163,889 in base pay.

About 550 of the 3,500 city employees for whom new pay data is available (SEARCH THE DATA NOW) earn annual salaries of $28,000 to nearly $164,000. The rest of the employees are hourly or seasonal. Some salaried and hourly positions can have significantly higher total pay because of additional money allotted for extra duties or overtime.

Mayor Jim Gray ranks third at $143,547. His chief administrative officer; chief development officer; chief information technology officer; and commissioners of public safety, law, planning, finance and general services follow, along with his chief of staff, with amounts of $129,555 to $142,732.

Rounding out the top 25 are the environmental and social service commissioners along with directors, managers and key personnel in various city departments or divisions, including water quality, computer services, fleet or facilities, risk management, construction, audit and community corrections. Salaries for those positions range from $111,948 to $123,832.

In the remainder of the top 100 salary earners, there are 34 fire department majors and 16 police lieutenants. Many of those get extra pay on top of those salaries because of duties they perform. For example, the largest group of fire majors make $111,811 plus anywhere from $9,240 to $27,670 in additional pay. Similarly, police lieutenants make $102,400 plus anywhere from $8,200 to $48,196 in additional pay.

You can search all city employees by last name, division or department BELOW. You can filter by salary, hourly or seasonal employees.

Once your search results are shown, you can order some columns to group by division or to rank by most to least and vice versa. Sortable columns are indicated with a set of triangles by the name of the column. Click the triangles to sort.

Click on names to get more details about an individual employee's compensation, the job, hours, additional pay and more. Note: Hourly workers have $0 entered in the annual rate since they are not salaried. But you can multiply standard hours by hourly rate to get a weekly pay amount.

If you enter nothing in the search field and set the classification to "Select Classification," you can obtain salaries for all positions.