Fayette County

City's business goes on despite computer glitch

Two days after the city's main server crashed — severing network, e-mail and Internet access for most city employees — the computer system was still not fully up and running Thursday.

City employees now have limited access to e-mails, but they can't access the Internet or files stored on the mainframe, said Susan Straub, a city spokeswoman. “But employees could, did and are continuing to work by using the hard drive on their computers.”

Computer services are not expected to return to normal until early next week, Straub said.

As a result of the system crash, residents trying to contact the city should not rely upon e-mail, Straub said.

The city's emergency services were not affected by the crash because those operate on a different server, Straub said. Enhanced 911 dispatchers have continued to take calls and route police and fire personnel.

LexCall, the city's centralized service and information contact center, wasn't affected either, Straub said.

The city's computer system went down about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday. The city was in the middle of adding servers for storage when the system suffered a “serious data loss” because of problems that surfaced during the upgrade.

City employees and hardware vendors have been working around the clock to restore the system, Straub said. That work will continue through the weekend.

Employees will be paid on time Friday because the city's payroll had been run before the computer upgrade, Straub said.